lördag 9 juli 2016

It's a cats life

Mini-me woke me up at seven this morning so I can clearly state that there are no more sleeping in at this house. I apparently need to keep her up until ten if that's going to happen again, but I rather have a well rested child! So, no more sleeping in from now on! Yeay...

We've started the day slow, trying not to wake my husband who arrived home just in time to have breakfast with us. After reading, we decided to take a stroll and pick some wildflowers. 
Well, mini-me preferred running around, but we did manage to find a few flowers in the end! 
The cats greeted us outside when we got back and showed us their latest prey (might have been their first not counting all the flies they kill).
I don't now which butterfly this cute caterpillar is supposed to morph into, but I'm guessing a Mourning cloak/Camberwell beauty. Do any of you know?
The cats clearly thought it smelled bad, or the twigs stung their noses, because they jumped back every time they tried to smell it! 😂

And for those of you not understanding Swedish, mini-mes asking me if you're allowed to kill it, and I'm saying no, and then asking Charlie if he's having fun. And no, he didn't kill it, and never used his claws so the little thing got away, unharmed! I wouldn't have it any other way!

I'm just waiting for the day when they catch bigger preys and seeing them proudly dropp them off at my feet! Can't say I look forward to that, and I've taken precautions to reduce the risk of that ever happening - bells on their collars! 😁 Myhusband feels sorry for them, but I don't want them killing birds or other animals. 
Morris the cat, not even a year old yet but an aspiring great hunter. Much more so than her older brother, who's a bit clumsy!
He actually prefers being close to mini-me (like in this picture), or me. Love him to bits! And his sister of course! They're really great cats! ❤️
Now I need to get going, mini-mes appointment with the hairdresser's coming up!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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  1. mmmm no wonder you mom thinks you are still soaring :)