tisdag 26 juli 2016

Home sweet home

We're back home again! Yesterday became a day filled with travel and I had little to share with you from that, so I decided not to write you at all. 

Today started off with a four hour drive home from my parents in law, but now we're finally back home where we belong! Missing the sun and warmth from Barcelona though! The rain has followed us all through the Swedish countryside and the sky is still heavy with rain clouds although the rain has stopped for now. The cats stayed in like five minutes before venturing out and taking back control over their territory! Rain or no rain, they seem happy to be home! 
No makeup today, which is a big thing for me (as some of you know), and I'm constantly fighting the urge to put it on! Putting a face on. My face. But, somewhere inside I know I got to learn to accept myself the way I truly look, without that game face! Maybe it'll come with age. The need not to cover up or hide behind make up. Who knows. But, I'm surely not there yet, so these "naked" pictures will continue on being rare on this blog!

Now I'm off to my sister! Haven't seen them in a month so there will be some long and living hugs with my sister and nieces! ❤️
Laters babes!

Over and out

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