mÄndag 11 juli 2016


Mini-me and I took a walk to the curch in our little village today. Our goal was not a visit inside of it, but rather strolling through the graveyard. I know, it sounds a bit crazy, especially in the company of a four year old, but I love graveyards. That is also a strange thing coming from someone that really fears death. I've been afraid of dying at least since I was a teenager, maybe even earlier than that, and when mini-me was born the fear reached a new high! Intensified like thousand times! But disregarding that, I find graveyards to be very calming and peaceful. I read the inscriptions on the tombstones when passing and wonder about the people who's buried beneath them. Of course we're now talking about graveyard-visits in broad daylight! I'm not very keen on going there at night. I'm sure the peacefulness I'm experiencing in daylight, will change somewhat at night... 😁
Mini-me likes to look at the flowers and the shapes and colours of all the different tombstones, but she's not really grasping death and the fact that people are buried there. I remember my grandparents taking me to the graveyard when growing up. The took care of the graves of their families and relatives from way back. And they always told us loving storys of those passed while planting new flowers and tending to the graves. So I guess that's why I like them, the graveyards. My grandparents made the visits there full of love and memories that I can pass on to my generation and the next.
But of course we didn't spend hours there, just about five minutes. Mini-me wasn't super interested and lost interest quite fast. So it was more like passing the church and graveyard when taking a walk through the village. 😊
And when we got back home we drove into town to visit the library where mini-me found like twelve books to take with her home, most of them on the theme dinosaurs! Funny how stuff gets to you like that! A visit to the museum and suddenly you thirst for knowledge! Well, actually she's had an interest in dinosaurs since being about three years old, but the visit intensified it! So, tonight we read her three books about dinosaurs! 

Tomorrows we're off to Furuvik, a zoo and amusement park about an hour away from here. We're going there with her best friend and his family, just as we did last year. So we're kind of starting a tradition here! Love it! They're close and important friends to me and my husband as well, so we're all looking forward to tomorrow!

What are your plans?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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