söndag 31 juli 2016

Going on a trip

Today we've been visiting my brother and father in my hometown Västerås. They've bought a farm together that we hadn't seen yet, so got a tour from my brother whilst my father continued on with the renovations together with the handymen! Daddy has already moved to his house on the farm, but my brother and his family is still waiting for the big move as their house stil isn't finished. 

The property consists of quite a number of buildings, with atleast four houses to live in, a large house that once were used as a café, a stable, a garage for atleast four cars, a workshop, a huge barn and a giant pigsty. And as they've found evidence in the house that my brother is going to live in, that the house is atleast 150 years old, there's a lot to be done! 
Mini-me found a book that one of the previous owners had left behind. A book about cats. My brother gave it to her and she was thrilled, couldn't put it down! 
She's just like her mum, a bookworm! ❤️
I'll take pictures of the farm on my next visit. Now I'm off to date my Kindle! I've started reading a new book series that I really like, so I've got my Kindle with me wherever I go so that I can read whenever opportunities arises! 😜
Laters babes!

Over and out 

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