lördag 16 juli 2016

Follow ups

It's hard to follow up yesterday's blog entry as everything other than our world turning crazy with terrorism and hostile takeovers (the military coup in Turkey), seems small and unimportant. But! I strongly believe that that is exactly the goal set by the terrorists. To frighten us enough to change our everyday life. I will always sympathise with the victims and do the best I can to help and support those affected by the terror. I will continue on believing that us humans are better than this! That love will conquer all! That hate, fear, viciousness, violence and murder never, ever, is the answer! Love, forgiveness, kindness and wholeheartedness is! We must come together and spread the love so that no one will ever have to feel hate and fear! We must stand together against terrorism! ❤️đŸ™đŸ»❤️

With all that said, I've tried to make this an ordinary day. Mini-me is too young to understand terrorism and I will spare her the knowledge of hate, murder and violence as long as I can! I wish all children could be spared from that! 💔

So, after we'd been into the city and finalised the buy of our new kitchen, we went home and played. She built a hut with mattresses from the outdoor couch, and pretended to be a princess while I was the queen and my husband the king. I'm not good at playing child games any more, but my husband is brilliant at it! So I just follow the two and enjoy the ride they take me on. So funny to watch her take the lead in creating a new world for us to act in. And she's really good at it! I hope she'll inherits my ability to fantasies and crest storys unheard of before! Just as I did from my grandfather (and maybe mum a bit).
After all that play we went on a walk to get rid of some pent up bodily energy! And I was really happy to find both wild raspberries and blueberries on our walk!
Wild raspberries are the best! So much tastier than those in your garden! Smaller yes, but apparently size doesn't matter when it comes to taste! 
Blueberries! Ready to pick! But I didn't pick any today as I didn't have anything to put them in. I'll have to come back another day!
Have I told you I love blades of grass? I sometimes even prefer them to flowers! They're so simple but amazingly beautiful! I could easily pick a bouquet with only different blades of grass! 

Now mini-me's gone to bed and I'm spending the evening with my hubby! Really looking forward to that! And on Tuesday we're leaving for Barcelona, my birthday gift from my husband! Looking forward to that even more! 

Laters babes!

Over and out

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