söndag 10 juli 2016


Mini-me and I visited the Museum of Evolution in Uppsala earlier today! We were bored and wanted daddy/hubby to sleep without our disturbance! So we fled the sunshine and went into a dusty (not really) old museum instead! Mini-me really likes dinosaurs so I thought she would like a visit. And boy, did she! Super happy child! ❤️
We were greeted by a velociraptor in the hall, and mini-me had big admiring eyes from that moment on and all through the exhibit!
The T-Rex is a favourite, and although this only being the head of one, she was thrilled!
She wants to know everything when stoping at each dinosaur skeleton! 
And this is one of her favourites! Or parts of it anyway! Can you guess who? Well of course, it's a long neck (as she calls them), a Diplodocus!
It's not a huge exhibition, we walked through it in about thirty minutes, but then mini-me was in a hurry to see them all. But, if you ever visit Uppsala it is a nice museum to visit. And you only pay entrance fee for the adults (50 SEK which is about $6).

So, what have you been up to today?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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