tisdag 5 juli 2016


Today we've placed an order for the kitchen I showed you last week. And it feels so good! And it's going to look so nice! 
This is a pic of the kitchen cabinets and the countertop! Love, love, love it! 

After the meeting with our sales representative for HTH kitchens, we went to the botanical gardens here in Uppsala to get some lunch. And to look at the lovely gardens of course.
The lunch restaurant is really cute, and the food is superb! 
We didn't visit the exhibition inside, but I'm sure it's just as great as the gardens outside.
Although not a fan of the colour orange I quite liked this part of the garden!
Mini-me love to run around in the garden and looking at different flowers!
And they've been great at making different kinds of habitats and levels for the plants that also excites the children!
And me as an adult! I prefer the more quiet and peaceful settlements!
And the small signs educates us while walking around!
Aren't these funny looking!
Walking in the "dessert"!
I noticed when coming home that I yet again have made my plants blossom!
Not the most beautiful flower you'll see, but a flower no less! 😜
Now I'm off to watch a movie with mini-me before she's off to bed. Love to cozy up with her on the couch!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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