onsdag 20 juli 2016


We've arrived! And Barcelona greeted us with warmth and sunshine! 
We left a cloudy and cold Sweden behind us!
But further south on our journey, like here in Geneva and Mont Blanc, the skies where clear! 
We made a swift stop at our hotel room, before walking back out in the sun! This is the hall in our room, with a giant mirror!
Our junior suite is beautiful and light! And my hubby's gorgeous! ❤️
And the corridor is...blueish! 😜
We ate our dinner down by the beach, and although after six in the evening the beach was still full of people! I had a really tasty paella with seafood! Yummy!

Now we're back at the hotel and I'm going to take a shower before going to bed! It's been a long day as I woke up before five this morning, afraid of sleeping in and thereby missing our flight! So, early night today, and lots to explore in the morning! 
Nighty night!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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