torsdag 21 juli 2016

Barcelona in sunshine

What a lovely day we've had here in Barcelona today! We slept in, just like you should on your vacation, and woke to the sound of a busy city in action; car horns, building work, sirens from a rescue vehicle and the cleaners chatting out in the corridor.
Our room is situated on the fifth floor and overlooks office spaces and a building site. Not really much disturbance from either two actually, but I guess one could wish for some more romantic settings of beautiful Barcelona!
But, we really like this hotel and recommend it if going to Barcelona! It's fairly nice located next to the Glories tube station, and just beside a great shopping mall and lots of restaurants. It's a twenty minutes walk to the beach or like thirty minutes walk to the central city. But by train or tram you're there under ten minutes. 
I'm not sure what this building next to us is, but it reminds me of a similar one in London. Not really fancying any of them though. 
We spent the day at the beach, me mostly in the shade and hubby in the sun!
Whiter shades of pale! But at least I'm taking care of my skin! Learning from earlier mistakes when being young that's damaged my skin! The sun chair cost me €10 and the parasol an extra €10 to rent for a day! Tomorrow we're staying at the hotel pool on the roof until lunch atleast, and here the chairs are rent free at least! 
We had tapas for dinner, baby squids with aioli (which I only had a nibble of as I didn't understand if they were gluten free or not).
And we had some chorizo but I forgot to take a "before" picture... 😜
And some iberico ham, and again, no "before" picture... Sorry! 😂
And this is where we bought the delicious tapas! A nice little restaurant on a side street to las ramblas! Better prices and nicer staff! 
After dinner we strolled around, doing some sightseeing. Here, cathedral of Barcelona.
Placa de Catalunya.
Lots of people everywhere so the taking picture part just isn't that funny, and therefore a bit boring to look at. Sorry!

Now I'm off to bed! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

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