lördag 23 juli 2016

Afternoon walks

So the bad weather never came! It's been like + 30 degrees Celsius today, and only occasional clouds has shielded us from the sun! After lunch we decided to go sightseeing again. So we took the Tram towards the beach, jumped of halfway there and started walking. And we kept going, only stopping to admire some beautiful buildings, boats or statues. And to drink! I think I've easily drunk about three litres today (mostly water and no alcohol what so ever)!
There are some really fancy and big yachts down in the marina. Like the one furthest of in this picture, which had its own helicopter in the back! Can you see it?
I can't even begin to imagine what a yacht like that costs, and I'm sure not even the "smaller" ones in front would suit my wallet, setting me back millions (which I don't have😁). But I guess the rich and famous live with problems and issues just as us, but in a different scales I suppose! So owning a yacht of my own wouldn't make me happier! Besides, I always get seasick when going on a boat trip! 😜
Now I'm back at the hotel, just out of the shower and ready to jump back into a book on my Kindle. Tomorrow we'll go down to the beach again, and on Monday we fly back home! Miss mini-me terribly but we've talked to here everyday on Skype so we know she's doing great at her grandparents! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out

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