måndag 13 juni 2016

Travel adventures

I'm leaving for Öland early morning tomorrow. Not really looking forward to waking up at dawn, but the visit to Öland will be awesome, I'm sure of it. So I've spent most of my evening packing and preparing the home for me not being home (like watering the plants which I think my husband isn't aware of you need to do if they're to survive).

If this had been a trip with my family or friends, I would easily have been done in about thirty minutes, but with my colleges it's a completely different thing! Most of them are biologists and we're supposed to visit places where they feel right at home whilst I...well let me say; I will be out of my comfort zone (mostly because there most likely will be bugs around)! But! I tag along because their enthusiasm and knowledge are so great to see and take part in up close! And I learn a lot on these travels!

So you see, I'm not good at packing for such a trip! To be prepared for whatever comes in our way, either being weathers, nature or terrain! I'm more suitable to pack for a weekend in London, but I guess that is one of the challenges going on this trip! 😄

Stay tuned for pictures and my travel stories! Maybe I'll be showing you pictures of those nasty bugs I fear! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out

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