mÄndag 27 juni 2016


My mother would not argue with me if told you I have some of the the least green fingers in the world. And she would know, being a florist herself. 😁
But! Sometimes I surprise myself! Like today when I noticed that my basil has started to bloom!

Amazing, right! And so pretty white little flowers! ❤️

Besides being surprised and a bit proud, I've spent my day working from home. I had a lot of administrative tasks to finish today, so I decided this morning to work on those from home. I had no meetings planned, so I made it happen. But tomorrow I'll be back in my office. Only four days left of work now before I can enjoy a five week vacation! So looking forward to that! But first, four more days of hard work! Lots to do when leaving for five weeks!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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