mÄndag 6 juni 2016

Rescue mission

So, we had quite an eventful afternoon here today, beginning with Morris the cat being missing for a couple of hours. I went outside calling for her from time to time but she didn't come running like she usually do. I thought I heard her meowing but I couldn't see her so I just thought I was imagining it. The last time I went out my husband said he heard her too, so I walked towards the sound. And, surprise, surprise, there she was! About five or six meters up in a tree! Swinging in the wind and looking desperate! She tried to climb down when I called her name again, but she panicked on the thin branches and retrieved back to an abandoned birds nest far out on one of the thinnest branches around! I tried to climb up to her, but the tree trunks were just to thin, and me to old! 😜

I finally had to call my brother in law who's an old rock climber, and he got her down after some rather harsh convincing! She was terrified and didn't want to leave the comfort of the nest! She's been sleeping ever since I got her back inside so I hope she learned her lesson and stay out of those particular trees in the future!

Me, the old and not so pliable version! I guess being a book-o-holic doesn't really pander my climbing skills! I feel I lost them when aging, joining the middle-aged! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out

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