tisdag 14 juni 2016


I've had a marvellous day, friends! A long train ride (in total 5 hours) and then a stop on the mainland in Kalmar. We had lunch at the castle in Kalmar and a guided tour around this amazing castle.

The ceilings where amazing!

All original colours!

Every square had a different motive.

And this is one of the Swedish kings that built the castle, Gustaf Vasa. I guess big clothes were super chic at that time...

Then we drove over the bridge to Öland and a Linnaeus research center for insects. And there was this beautiful meadow with poppy flowers!

And of course bugs!

And amazing orchids!

And beautiful surroundings!

And more bugs! 😜

Allvaret! I'll tell you more about this amazing place on Thursday! We're going back there on Thursday you see, this was just a picture taken from passing in the bus!

Again, beautiful surroundings!

And orchids!

And other flowers, which I sadly don't remember the name of!

We're staying at a hostel in Ottenby, down south of the island, and I've got almost no reception at all on my phone! Scary thing! No mans land! 😜 So I'm hoping I can publish this entry!

Now I'm off for dinner!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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