söndag 5 juni 2016

My inner angel

I took a test on Facebook, you know one of those crazy, and at times really stupid ones! But not that kind that requires access to your account details, I never admit to that! This was a kinder version of a test that only needed my answers to a few questions that had nothing to do with my account in anyway. :)

You see, I am, yet again, reading a book with angels of different sorts. And this test was to tell me what kind of angel I would be, if not human. So you see, I just had to know! ;)
I kind of saw my self as a super strong, warrior kind of angel, like an archangel, but apparently that would not be the case!

According to the test, were I answered questions like weapon of choice (bow and arrow), favourite colour (black), favourite element (air) and preferred colour on wings (white) and such - I would be a guardian angel!

I actually agree on the text (picture above is my result), especially the part "you have an old and caring soul". I've always felt I have an old soul. And I am a caring person, to much so at times! But it would have been so much cooler to have been an archangel, don't you think! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out

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