lördag 18 juni 2016

Good morning

Good morning friends!
I'm still in bed, but I'm considering going up as mini-me's been awake for about thirty minutes by now. She woke me up just before seven and is already dressed and ready for the day. Me, not so much! No sleeping in this weekend! 😁

I've been so crazy mad the last couple of days. Mad at my app BlogPress which I use to write my blog entries. I've been using it for years, so I usually think it's great, but since like five days back or so it's been working against me! Big time!

I write my blog entries as usual, a couple of times it's been really long ones, and when I publish them I get a message that the publishing was successful. BUT, and yes it's a big "but", when I try to open it on my blog the entry is empty. It's just a headline, all my text and pictures are gone. And when I open up the app to manage and republish it, the text and pictures are gone there as well. One night I wrote the same entry three times without getting it published. Crazy mad might not even have sufficed back then! The text got shorter every time I had to rewrite it, and finally I just didn't publish it at all. I guess some of you've seen this happening on my blog. Like yesterday for instance! I didn't even notice that the entry was empty until hours after I'd published it. Sorry about that. I'm going to look for a new app today! This will not do! I need the process to be simple and smooth, not the other way around!

Today we're of to the last tennis lesson before the summer holidays! What are you doing on Sunday fun day?

Laters babes!

Over and out

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