onsdag 29 juni 2016


So it's seems like we've finally found a kitchen to our new apartment that we like! It's from HTH, you can visit their website here!

We're not getting the cabinets with glass doors on top of the bench, and unfortunately the windows and the views are not included in the buy! ;)

I love the grey colour, but I'm changing the knobs to brazen ones. We've decided against (but I wish it wasn't so) the Carrera marble countertop as it's just to sensitive. With mini-me loving to bake and cook but not having control over her ingredients it would stain instantly and be destroyed. And at the cost of about 40 000kr it would be a true waste of money. So we're choosing a composite countertop, named London Grey.

Kind of looks like marble, don't you think?

I need time to adjust, still disappointed about not getting the Carrera marble, but I get why this is the more reasonable choice. 😁

And the floor? Well, I've not quite decided on that just yet, but I think it's going to be a white ash. I've read that ash is as hard as oak, and we're going to need that with two cats running gauntlets around the entire house! We're going to go look at this one tomorrow and if we like it, it just might be the one we end up with. 😃
Kind of nice, don't you think? This is a floor from KĂ€hrs, named "Alabaster". It's ash with a coat of white. You can see all their products here!

I let you know what we decide! :)

Laters babes!

Over and out

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