onsdag 1 juni 2016

Courtyard dinner

I'm back in my hotel room after a nice dinner and a lot of strategy talk! It's been a really long work day so I'm sorry to have to make this a short entry, but I'm super tired!

Our dinner table!

And the beautiful house.

The opposite end of the yard.

And the marvellous sky above our heads!

We gathered in the sofa section before dinner and did some talking before placing us at the table.

We had a Jerusalem artichoke soup with lobster and pickled asparagus for starters.

And as a main course venison with potatoes tossed with herbs, and haricots verts with mushrooms and a red wine sauce.

And for dessert pineapple carpaccio with strawberries and a mix of citrus fruits. All very tasty! My favourite was the soup, I could eat that every day of the week! Applause to the chef!

Now I'm off to bed!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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