söndag 12 juni 2016

Broken parts

I've told you in earlier blog entries about being broken, carrying fresh injuries or deep scars inside of you. I believe most of us do that, valid or not. I know I do.

I'm not ashamed of my broken parts and my scars. Most of them are old and safely stored deep within, like secrets hidden in the dark. But I fear how they might alter the way others would perceive me, if ever told. I fear the possibility of them, when knowing, looking at me with eyes that judge, pity me or simply miss belief. The loss of trust. The loss of simplicity! The loss of love.

So, I take the easy way out! Although knowing "the truth will set you free", I bottle up and keep my secrets hidden. I seldom let the broken parts be visualised, because I don't want people's reactions, whatever they might be.

I keep pondering the fact that it might make me stronger, telling you, but I'm strong enough, for now. Maybe I'll save that until I need more strength then!

I'm proud of me, of the person I've become. Partly because of the secrets, and partly because I believed, and still do, that I deserve the chance of happiness and success in life just as anybody else, with or without scars.

Laters babes!

Over and out

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