fredag 17 juni 2016

Back to basics

I'm home. Since late yesterday evening. I had a marvellous time with my colleges, learning a whole lot and had so much fun. But I'm so happy to be home! I've missed my little family and my bed! 😜

As you know we stayed at Ottenby hostel, and the standard of the rooms are very simple. Clean but fastidious, with bunk beds that had rather hard mattresses, which my back wasn't very happy about! This white house is the main building with the reception and dining area inside.

And this is the beautiful surroundings! on the other side of the road.

Behind the main building are the three houses with the sleeping quarters. I had a room by my self, but two people could easily had stayed in that one, housing the beds, two chairs and a table. Down the corridors were the toilets and showers, but also a larger room with cooking and eating facilities. I never saw it by my self, but I heard that there was a tv-room as well.

But, now I'm back home and I'm really looking forward to a quiet evening by my self (after mini-me's gone to bed)! I really like my co-workers, but after three nights with almost no quiet me-time I'm in need of silence!

When leaving work today I had to take a picture of the beautiful flowers right outside. And I even managed to include a bug in it! Must be my days travelling with all the biologists that made that happen!

And I almost stepped on this little guy outside the car. It's been raining two days straight so this buddy and his friends are doing their best to aggravate us drivers and pedestrians as we try to navigate around them on the wet ground (at least me, I don't like stepping on or driving over them).

Now I'm off, picking up mini-me at her best friend!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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