lördag 4 juni 2016

A day of errands

Hello friends,
I hope you all had (or are still having) a great Saturday! I know I did! Mini-me decided to sleep in, so I felt really rested when waking up around eight in the morning. After a slow start we left to run som errands, and as usual it kept us going at least an hour longer than expected! Not because we needed more time but rather us having so much fun we just kept on going. Or some of us did! My hubby might have been kind of bored in the end, but he sticked with us anyway! 😜

When finally home, with a lot more shopping bags than intended, we left again to join our best friends for dinner. Their son and mini-me is born just a week a part so they've known each other since newborn. And if the parents have any say in the matter they'll end up married as well! One might dream of it anyway! 😜 Of course they'll decide on whom to marry (or not) all by themselves! ❤️ But my gosh, how cute they look togheter! And they're the best of friends as well. We had a great afternoon and evening and love them all to bits! They're truly great friends and amazing people! ❤️❤️❤️

Now I'm dating my kindle for the rest of the evening and drinking some tea, mini-mes cold has gotten a hold of me too, giving me a sore throat!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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