lördag 28 maj 2016

Slow slowly slow

Mini-me and I've started this weekend slow. Although without sleeping in as she woke up at six in the morning when my husband left for work. She's gotten a cold and a slight fever so she's spent most of the morning on the couch, tucked under a blanket.

After breakfast I jumped into the shower before letting the cats out all alone for the first time.

Mini-me had a hard time letting them out of her sight, afraid that they won't find their way back home. But, as you might have noticed in the picture behind her, they don't venture far.

Morris jumped up on the windowsill.

While Charlie tried the sofa (without the cushions). Now they're back inside as I have to go grocery shopping. We'll let them out again when we get back.

What are you all doing a lovely Saturday like this?

Laters babes!

Over and out

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