onsdag 11 maj 2016


We all have them. Scars. Some visual on our skin and others hidden deep inside. Some are non-healing, a forever open wound. Others just a scratch, hardly noticeable at all. I have all thinkable versions of them!

One's very visual on my face, as you can see in the picture. And that particular one I got from my second cousin when I was very young, only a year old or so. He threw a Lego house in my face, and maybe I'd done something to deserve it (children can be scary mean), I don't know, but whatever happened were never to be forgotten because of the scaring in my face. Ofcourse I don't remember a thing of what happened and I've never been bothered by the scarring. The second cousin long since forgiven! ;)

I think many of our scars are there to remind us. To make us remember, to learn from it, or maybe to improve and do better next time. Others are never ment to learn from, but maybe they can make us stronger? Like the opened wounds, those who are likely never to heal. The bleeding stops, but they never heal. But maybe they can make us move on anyway, even though not there to teach us something? I have those too, and I'm not sure how to handle them at times. I can't learn from them, they just hurt, but I can move on and accept that some of the pain sometime, somewhere, somehow will make me stronger. At least that is what I tell my self!

I believe my scars, wherever they are placed, are a part of who I am. And therefor I should embrace them, or at least accept them as a piece in the complex puzzle that is me. Without them I would not be the same! It would change me, in ways I can never imagine. Probably having me make other choices in my life than those that lead me to where I am today. And maybe that would be a good thing for some people, but not for me. And why bother about something that you can not change? It's a waste of time!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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