tisdag 10 maj 2016


My date tonight had to be postponed as mini-me woke up with a stomach bug today. Her daddy stayed home with her while I left for work. After finishing up my meetings before (and during) lunch, I went back home early afternoon, relieving my hubby so he could go to work. Love that I can do that. Had a last meeting that ended just before half passed six, and then mini-me had my full attention. Just to be clear, and not being judged as a bad parent! Ofcourse I wouldn't have had the meeting if she still had felt sick, but she's doing much better already so she didn't mind (resting in front of a cartoon.

As I slept really bad last night (not even five hours as mini-me woke me up to cuddle after a nightmare), so I'm tired to the bone.

I'm likely to hed off to bed as soon as mini-me has fallen asleep. I have some really important meetings tomorrow and I don't want to feel as tired then as I've done today. I'm obviously not managing the lack of sleep as good as I did when being younger. And yes, that kind of hurt to admit! I'm not handling this aging thing well! Wrinkles/tiredness/back pain/older-looking/feeling/acting-thingy! I'm not aging with grace, and it bothers me. YES! I've admitted it on the blog before, I am shallow that way. But I'm not ashamed of admitting it. I just don't like my wrinkles, or the thought of visually aging. My husband, and most men, only get more handsome with age, and I envy that. But, there's little I can do to change the process - so I try to accept it. It's just taking me some time, so be patient! ;)

Laters babes!

Over and out

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