mÄndag 9 maj 2016

Fun, funnier, funniest

I'm stil quite lost regarding Snapchat, and I had my niece trying to teach me some of all the functions yet again today. Not helping. I'm still feeling like a lost cause!
But, today I found a fun filter that gave me glittery eyes and plumping/glossing my lips, so I made myself go with it. Kind of like attempting to be a bit Kim Kardashian-ish, but without the "Kim"...and the "Kardashian"! And with my clothes still on! 😂

But life is all about having fun, isn't it! And I had fun. Still having fun actually, when looking at the picture. It looks like I'm having a true "blonde" moment. You know; the light is on but no one's home!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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