tisdag 24 maj 2016

Cold returning

We've had a beautiful day here in Uppsala today, sunny and warm. Lovely! But, I heard on the radio that the cold returns tomorrow, only giving us between 8-12 degrees Celsius outside! I'm freezing already! đŸ˜±

It isn't that unusual to have these swings in the weather in spring time, at least not here in Sweden, but still, I don't like it a bit. The weather should just make up its mind, either being cold or give in to the warmth and summer that awaits us just around the corner! 😁

Mini-me and I are actually facing the cold right about now as we're going out on a bike ride. It's really windy by now, so I hope she'll like it just the same. We both need to get some exercise done, or rather getting some movements in our bodies before bedtime!

Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be back home before the rain hits! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out

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