söndag 29 maj 2016

A day of rest

Mini-mes still has a fever and has been bothered by her cold with a snotty nose and a bad cough, poor thing. So I tried to keep her still and resting today. I'm amazed by the energy the little ones have although bothered by a fever over 39 degrees. If it was me I would lie in bed and be totally lost in self pity and without energy to do anything but to sleep! Mini-me has been trying to run around, playing outside with the cats while I've been nagging about resting in the sofa.

I think maybe I've been more tired than her! And I can't use a fever as an excuse! But late nights and early mornings I can use! I've been staying up late reading and woken up early, before six by mini-me, both Saturday and Sunday. But today I was celebrated by my little family at breakfast! It's Mother's Day here in Sweden today, so my hubby made breakfast and got me a beautiful dress as my Mother's Day gift. So I've felt extra appreciated and loved today, so I have nothing to complain about! ❤️

But I will get to bed early tonight, to try to recover some of the hours I should have been given to sleep instead of reading! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out

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