lördag 2 april 2016

Two of the same

Two for the price of one! That is what you get when getting to know me close. Me, plus one! And that other half is not a made up part or a imaginary friend in my head, but my twin sister! We are like a package deal. Atleast when it comes to family relations.

My sisters parents-in-law and sister-in-law are like family to me, just as my parents in law are to my sister and her husband and children. We're really close, my sister and I, and to me it would be unthinkable the other way around. I have the best parents-in-law and my father-in-law once said, when making a speach at a dinner party, that I had been really clear on that fact when we met (I don't remember that part), and that they were very happy about welcoming not just me to the family but also my sister and her family. As we are a package deal! <3

To the left, my twinsister and to the wright (looking down) me, at our first birthday! As you can see we're not identical twins, but kind of alike anyway. Today there isn't much resemblance between us left. Well, except for being blonds and having blue eyes maybe. But I love her to bits either way.

I once got a question about being a twin that I thought really strange. It was a colleague, a few years back, who asked me what the emotional differences were between being twins or just ordinary siblings. Well, I'm not sure even how to respond to that. ???

First, my parents got divorced when I was six and my brother moved with dad while me and my sister stayed with mum. So I haven't lived with my brother 24/7 since he was 18 months old. Ofcourse I love him dearly, and we lived togheter each weekend (either when he came to us, or when we went to dads) but I think I would have had to lived with him 24/7 to be able to compare it more correctly. And my youngest brother was born the year I turned twenty, so we didn't live togheter either as I had moved to my own apartment by then. But, secondly, how do I compare either way? Ofcourse I'm more close to my sister, but we've shared life togheter since before we were born and are both girls (with all that that entails with puberty and boyfriend issues - and I'm taking a wild guess here - my brothers issues were probably not quite the same as ours when going through puberty and young loves), so I actually think it would be strange if we weren't. And I have never not been a twin so I have no idea if that changes your feelings towards your sibling. And by that I mean if a siblings relation when not being twins changes your feelings toward eachother. So, I can not answer that question, ever. The only thing I can say is that I love them all, with all of my heart! <3

Have you gotten strange questions that you can not answer?

It's saturday night and my hubby's not working! Yeay! Probably means we'll fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie but atleast we'll be togheter! ;)

Laters babes!

Over and out

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  1. It feels like it was yesterday.. but it`s 41 years ago.. how old dosent that make me?? *L*
    kisses from mum