lördag 23 april 2016

The apartment

In about four months we're moving from our house. It's with really mixed emotions we're planning this move as we both love our house and the freedom a house brings, especially regarding mini-me and her getting outside to play by her own. In the city she'll not be allowed out by her self for a couple of years. But! This move is brought on by our familys joint need to have as much quality time together as possible. As my husband commute to Stockholm each day he/we loose at least two hours a day where he could be home with us instead of travelling on a bus to get to us. And, I'll also have a shorter drive to work and will surely gain up to 30-45 minutes of driving time a day by the move. But, on the other hand we'll loose the closeness to my sister with family (now like 200 meters from home), which kind of hurts, but we'll make sure to meet up with them on a regular basis! And mini-mes best friend, Emilia, and "boyfriend", Moltas! But we will keep in contact! And Moltas mother is also a really close friend of mine and I will never let the distance between us in miles keep us apart! <3

Anyway, the move will happen and it will work out just fine! For everyone!

This is the apartment we bought.

Built in 2008. The pictures from the prospects from the real estate agent, so the quality will not be good. Sorry about that.

With three bedrooms ("sovrum" in Swedish). The kitchen island ("köksö") is a no keep! Well, actually, almost everything is a no keep for this picky lady! ;)

The kitchen is goner! Don't like it, at all! And the door to the left is going to be change into a more beautiful one. And behind it we'll have a pantry. Todays owner uses it as a office/storage room, but we'll change that. And the parquet floors will be changed as well.

You really have to look passed the interiors of the previous owners when house hunting! I kind of have a problem with that, and maybe that is why this buy has taken so long!

Here are some inspiration pictures I've used to plan our renovations of the apartment. The kitchen cabinets will be light grey. The tile white. And the tap in brass. All pictures below are borrowed from Pinterest.

The bench will be in Carrara marble, just like this!

We'll have a few cupboards over the bench, but keep it mostly open like in this picture. With the pantry we won't need a lot of cupboard space.

Love these taps! Brass is so beautiful!

And the Carrara marble, just exquisite!

Can't wait to see the kitchen when done!

I'm not sure of what wood/colour to choose for the parquet yet. I'm thinking light grey or white.

So I have to think about them for a while. All I know is that it won't be oak, like we have today (not by my choice). I get that it's practical and suits most people, but I just find them boring.

All the walls will be white (they aren't today) and the bathrooms doesn't need much attention (thankfully), we'll just change the bathtub and that's it I think. So there you have it! I think it's going to be great, don't you!

But for now I'm going back to my Kindle! No writing yet today! ;)

Laters babes!

Over and out

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  1. Lycka till i nya bostaden! Emilia kommer att sakna sin bästis massor 💖

    1. Ellie också, men vi kommer anstränga oss för att de ska kunna fortsätta att vara bästisar! Emilia får komma och hälsa på oss hur ofta hon vill (och ni också så klart)! ❤️ We'll make it work! ❤️😘 Kramar i lass