fredag 8 april 2016

Starting my weekend early

I went home early from work today! Well, that is if you count two o'clock early when you skipped lunch and started working 6,30 in the morning (took a break while getting mini-me to kindergarten and driving to work).

This weekend I plan on doing as little as possible. And thoughts/plans like that usually means I'll have no time to relax at all... ;)
We're celebrating my niece tomorrow, and on sunday we have tennis- and swimming lessons with mini-me. And I hope to be able to meet a real estate agent to see an appartment that seems promising! So I guess relaxing will be on saturday if at all! ;)

I finished reading "One with you" by Sylvia Day, as promised, yesterday! I liked most of the book, but I felt she stressed at the end of it. And by that; no, I didn't like the ending. I felt like she made it possible for yet another book in the Crossfire series, and that would be fine if the author hadn't already made clear that this was the ending. So, i liked it (the first part and middle), but I'm also disappointed the way the main characters and story changed into something strangely undefined and unfinished. Didn't like that at all, although always happy to be left with some space to figure out the rest by my self. This was too much to figure out and the story felt thin and stressed through at the end. And that's that about that! No I'm off to play with mini-me!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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