lördag 30 april 2016

Making no sense

Sometimes Snapchat makes no sense. To me. Or rather the filters doesn't. Like today (there are new ones introduced every day, for those of you not snapchatting). This one I didn't get at all?! Like a lace hood...for a horse head? Who would wear that, and when? Maybe I'm just too old?

It's not funny.

And it's not scary (well maybe a little bit actually...).

And it's not cute.

Do you get it? Is it just me who doesn't? Maybe I should let it go and except that not everything needs an explanation!

Mini-me's been feeling sick today, a slight cold and fever, so she missed her friend Sams birthday party in Stockholm. She had really been looking forward to it, so she was really disappointed this morning, but she asked me if we could stay home instead of going so I guess she really didn't feel good. That means she'll probably miss both her tennis lesson and swimming lesson tomorrow. We're having a photographer coming over on Wednesday to take pictures of our house for the sell. So us having more time tomorrow to style the house and garden is kind of in our favour! Mini-me can rest on the couch while I clean the inside of the house and my husband can fix the garden. We'll see what mini-me thinks about that arrangement! ;)

On Thursday I leave for London, Great Britain with my girlfriend C. We've been friends since we were seven years old. Love her to bits and so looking forward to our trip. Promise to keep you with me on our travels! Stay tuned! :)

Laters babes!

Over and out

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