onsdag 27 april 2016

Lost in the world of celestial beings

I'm totalt lost in the world created by Amy A. Bartol, in "The Premonition Series". And I know, I shouldn't be reading at all! I should be writing! But I started reading the first book in the serie on Friday night, and then I was hooked. I'm now finishing of book three, "Indebted", and though loving Amy Bartols writing, this book is making me super mad over and over again! Even to the point of throwing the book in the garbage, but I hang in there and hope that the writer got her stuff togheter when writing so that the main character Evie (half human, half angel) doesn't continue on making stupid decisions! If not, I'm going to take back all the praise for this series! ;)

I love reading stories with angels and the combat between good and evil! And these books are filled with that! And magic! And love! And doubt! All kinds of emotions really! And power angels, fallen angels, archangels, reapers and other beings from near and far! ;)

So I'm ending this rainy Tuesday by finishing this book while tucked in bed! A perfect night! :)

Laters babes!

Ocer and out

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