onsdag 13 april 2016

In heat

Remember I told you about taking our youngest cat Morris to the vet on friday to get her neutered? Well, surprise, surprise - she's in heat! Screaming her (and ours) head off and prancing infront of poor Charlie who seems to be clueless to what she's doing or what she wants from him! Thank God we had him fixed before she moved in with us, being siblings and all! I'll have to call the vet tomorrow to ask if her being in heat requires that we postpone the operation or not. I really hope not!

Mini-me's worried that Morris is in pain and being sick, and I've found it to be really hard trying to explain to her why Morris is acting the way she does now. And I kind of feel sorry for Morris when looking at her prancing around on the floor. It almost look painful, or atleast frustrating like hell. I can only imagine, not getting the release the body so desperatly needs. One would go crazy!

But, for now I'm avoiding her (ignoring really) by taking a buble bath with closed door and soft music playing in the background! Closing out the desperate sound of her meowings! And needs.

Laters babes!

Over and out

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