tisdag 12 april 2016

Happy birthday to me

It's my birthday today! 40 years old and then some... ;)

Happy birthday girl driving home from work today! And no! I did not drive the car when taking this selfie! I stood absolutely still at a red light! I wouldn't do that when driving, I promise!

I got beautiful roses from one of my girlfriends that came by work today, and mini-me/my husband woke me with breakfast in bed and wrapped presents! Parfume and a trip to Barcelona, Spain, with my husband in July! How great is that! I have the best husband! Ever! Can't wait! <3

Now I'm going to eat some birthday cake with my family and be sure to phone my sister who celebrates her birthday today as well (naturally, being twins)! But! I'm the older of the two! Four minutes older to be exact! Really important minutes, I can promise you that! ;)

Laters babes!

Over and out

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