torsdag 21 april 2016

Doing ones best

Today I felt like I could enter "the worst mum of the year"-competition and winn! Not a good feeling at all!

I forgot to tell the teachers at mini-me's kindergarten when I dropped her off (with a breaky-sandwich in her hand as she hadn't eaten anything at home), that I was going to be late picking her up. No more than 30 minutes, but they of course need a heads up! I remembered this about an hour before picking her up! So I phoned them and promised to be there no later than 16,30. My meeting was cut short so I left work in good time and was happy that I would be picking her up on time, or even a bit earlier, like 16,20. Then I got stuck in traffick! Stressed out I saw the minutes pass by like they were seconds, and finally I had to phone kindergarten just to let them know I might not make it after all. And realize that I've left my mobile phones (both my private and work phone) at my desk at work!

As I was expecting a phone call from a real estate agent regarding an object we've placed a bid on, and of course needing to get a hold on my husband I had to turn back to work to get the phones! I made it there in record time, but still driving according to the speed limits (almost), I left work for the second time this afternoon just as the clock turned 16,32. So, I immediately called kindergarten to tell them I were going to be late, and though I knew traffick was cramped, I hear myself say: "I'll be there in 15 minutes!" My God! How stupid is that? I've never driven home under 25 minutes, and now, with traffick being at its worst...

I picked mini-me up exactly 17,02, and let me tell you, I did not follow the speed limits when outside of the city! Sorry about that mr police officer! I'll do better next time! Be on time that is! And driving safely and accordingly!

You might think that this isn't enough of faults to qualify for the worst mum award, and maybe it isn't. But I felt awful when picking her up, as one of three remaining children on the entire kindergarten and the door locked (they were outside). The other mum arrived at the same time as me, so had I just been another minute late, mini-me would have been last to leave of all children today. We always pick her up no later than 16,00. So to me this was bad! And to add to the mess, I couldn't make mini-me eat dinner. She refused, being super hungry and tired, she wouldn't have anything besides a sandwich for dinner. Good work mummy! No breakfast (at home at least), being super late, and no dinner (a sandwich isn't dinner, more like a snack)! Yeah! :(

Picture from snapchat, before I left work and got totally stressed out!

But the good news is that we might have bought an apartment! We won the bidding, and if everything follow the plan we'll be signing the contract tomorrow evening when my husband gets home from his trip! It's not my dream apartment, but we'll make it work! I'll tell you more about it tomorrow!

Laters babes!

Ocer and out

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