onsdag 6 april 2016


I'm away with our management team at work to talk strategies and applying target images to them. But I'm not that far from home, actually just about 15 minutes by car. Still in Uppsala that is, and from my hotel room I can see the beautiful (maybe not so much this time of year) Linnaeus garden.

The conference room we got for our two day stay were quite tiny and very hot! And I'm not exaggerating! It was so hot that we had to change rooms. It felt like we were sitting in a sauna, and at lunch we had had enough and got a new one!

But I loved the carpet in the sauna! ;)

Now I'm back at my hotel room waiting to call my family who's away for a birthday dinner at my sisters. My little niece is turning 10 today! <3

It's actually rather emotional for me being back at this hotel, because this is where we had our wedding reception, my husband and I, and I haven't been back here since. I'm filled with so many happy memories just walking around in the lobby and restaurant. I'll be sure to come back again with my husband and relive the memories with him! <3

Now I'm off to call mini-me, I can't wait to hear her voice, and my husbands too. Miss them already!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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