lördag 9 april 2016

Change of plan

We woke to grey and rainy skies today, which made us alter our plans for the day somewhat. We were to clean all the windows, paint our carport and clean the house. Both painting and cleaning windows in rain is kind of a crazy thing to do, as you know, so they were put on a "to do list" for a later date! But! Atleast I cleaned the inside of all our windows, so when the weather allows it I'll finish cleaning them on the outside too!

The only thing that we didn't reschedule for today, was the birthday party for my niece! We were invited for lunch and birthday cake, togheter with her two grandmothers and her aunts (me and my brother-in-laws sister). So my husband, mini-me and I walked over to them in the rain (we live about 300 meters apart) and had a great family gathering and celebrations! I can't believe my niece is turning 10 years old already! She was just a baby not that long ago... <3

My niece has decided that she wants to be a farmer when growing up, and her parents gave her a greenhouse for her birthday. So we bought her seeds to plant in her new greenhouse. And ofcourse now we expect her to invite us to lunch when she starts to harvest the white cucumber, sugarsnaps and corn she got from us. ;)
Besides being set on becoming a farmer, she's also very interested in girly stuff like make up (she's not allowed yet to wear that more than on special occasions though), nailpolish, jewelry and clothes, so we also gave her a gift voucher at H&M and some rubyred and glittery nailpolish! So, we left a very happy girl after having eaten a smashing lunch and birthday cake with our extended family!

I'm hoping for some sunshine tomorrow but until then I'll stay in grey mode! ;)

Laters babes!

Over and out

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