måndag 11 april 2016


I really don't like cowards who doesn't dare stand up for their beliefs, but instead try to prove themselves or it by making life difficult for others. It infuriates me, truthfully!

Let me give you an example!

Today I had lunch with a girlfriend at a sushi restaurant at one of all the malls around Uppsala. I parked my car among all the other cars at the parking lot, just outside the entrance to the mall. When coming back to the car, about an hour later, someone had plastered a sign on the windshield of my car. The sign read: "studded tires kills and destroys". With capital letters, ofcourse, screaming the message!

Well thank you! I'm still trying to get the glue of the window hours later, and point NOT taken! This does NOT make me want to change my tires into studless tires (although by friday I have to according to swedish law)! If whom ever did this to my car/me, had had the decency to say this to my face, I would have listened, sincerelly! To what I asume would be enviromentally friendly reasons for me not to drive with studded tires. I get it! And I agree, they are a bad alternative for the enviroment!

I know why we shouldn't use them on our car, but as it's driven both by me and my husband and therefor must be safe to drive in different road conditions during snowy and icy winters here in Sweden, we've decided that studded tires are the safest alternative for us. We try to repay our part in the enviromentall debt that it's causing, in other ways just because of that choice and others like it! Like making donations to different enviromentally friendly causes. Just as we do when flying (buying carbon credits)! We do our part as best as we can! We do not close our eyes and turn our backs to the problem! We are aware!

If, however, the reason for this note would be something totally different (I can't even begin to imagine what though) than regarding our enviroment (maybe I've missread the true intent?), well then I would actually be afraid. And this is actually one of all the reasons why you should make a statement like this vocally, so you don't misinterpret the message!

Either way though, dare say it to my face! I would not hate you for it! And I would most certainly not destroy property of others or make other peoples lives difficult just to prove my point! Neither should you! There are other ways to debate or make people aware! Like talking! Enlightening another fellow man! With a friendly intent! I promise, that will prove way more effective!

Just sayin!
Angry? Yes, but getting over it eventually (when the glue is all gone)!

Laters babes!

Over and out

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