söndag 3 april 2016

Activities all day long

Sundays are filled with activities for mini-me, and therefor me and my husband as well. Beginning with a tennis lesson before lunch and ending with a swim lesson late afternoon.

She's now more happy about going swimming, but I think that's because it's a new activity. But either way I am pleased she likes it as she's afraid of getting water in her face/ears, and she needs to learn how to respect the water and learn how to swim.

It's a really small pool, and only one parent per child is allowed in the water during the lessons. So today I sat behind the glas wall, outside of the pool area, looking in on my loved ones while doing their "learn-how-to-swim"-thingy.

All my photos had reflections from the glass unfortunately, so although taking a lit of photos, it's no use showing them to you.

Now we're on our way home, and will enjoy a few hours left of family time before putting mini-me to bed.

Tomorrow is a big day for my hubby, starting his new job in Stocholm. I'm so proud of him and know he's going to do just fine, but, as always, it's kind of nerv wrecking to start a new jobb although being good at the qualifications needed for it or not. So I'll be sure to make him relax today, and help him reload and be full of energy before tomorrow morning! <3

Laters babes!

Over and out

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