tisdag 26 april 2016

A cats life

Today I had our youngest cat, Morris, neutered. Poor thing! But I do believe it's the best thing for her. She wasn't super happy when in heat just the other week, and she lost a lot of weight which she really didn't need as she was skinny to begin with.

I tried to follow the instructions when we got home, that is the vets instructions, like putting her in a dark room with as little sounds and other distractions as possible. So I put her in the guest room and pulled down the curtains so it would be dark and gave her a bowl with water. And she totally lost it when I closed the door! Screaming like crazy! So I took her out again and let her brother join her and she calmed down immediately! Cutie! <3

High as a house, but happy to be home. And the incision is really small and nicely stitched!

She also got a chip in her neck (identification) and a vaccination, so in a week or so both her and her brother will be able to go out on their own. Scary, but I guess they'll love it! And I will too, as long as they come back home again! <3

Now I have to put mini-me to bed. She's really concerned and worried about Morris, so she'll probably have a hard time saying good night to her today! Sweet thing!

Laters babes!

Ocer and out

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