måndag 28 mars 2016


I know they do this to frighten us! The terrorists. They do it to try to make us change our lives. To fear them enough that we see no other alternative than to adapt to the fear and to live our lives limited by it and them. That gives them power. Power over us and the ways of the world.

Atleast 72 people, mostly women and children, was killed in a suicide bombing in a park in Lahore, Pakistan, during Easter celebrations. Over 200 injured. My heart breaks, out of fear and despair, when I think of this awful and villainous act of violence. Innocent children. Families. Civilians. Killed. Disrupted. Hurt. Broken. It makes me want to scream! How is it possible that we, humans, can do this to eachother? How is it possible that some of us are able to kill children to prove their cause or to make us feel and live in fear? I will never understand it, and I will never accept it! I will not acknowledge them or their attempts to frighten us!

I will believe in the power of love! In the power of understanding and the acceptance of differences. In humanity and peace. In listening to eachother and being able to forgive although our hearts may be darkened with loss and hurt. To believe that light can rest in the dark. You just got to give it time or help to flare up again!

In all this, I also feel dismayed that this act of terror in Lahore, gets so little attention in the press here in Sweden. We're still shaken by the bombings in Brussels, true, but this act is in some ways so much worse as it targeted children. And the numbers of deaths were dubbled that of the bombings in Brussel. I understand that Brussels seems closer to us, both in distance and everyday life, but we need to react on the awful bombings in Lahore in exactly the same way we did Brussels, if not more!

I get that giving the acts of terror room in the press is sort of pouring fuel to the fire of terror. They want their acts to be shown in all its brutality and viciousness! They want us to tremble out of fear when seeing the unthinkable visualising in front of us! But we can not shut them out either. Those in suffer and those subject to the terror needs to know that we are aware! That we know! That we see! That we will act! That they are not isolated in this, they are not alone.

We can not let these acts of terror continue! We must come togheter and act against them! We must show them that love conquers all! Hate has no place here!

Over and out

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