tisdag 29 mars 2016


It is hard to write a new blog entry after the one I wrote last. The theme of that one, terrorism, is a hard one to follow up on! An ordinary entry of my day to day life feels less important and seems to even ridicule the importance of the message I tried to send when writing about the bombings.

But I'm still me. The fact is that through all of this, I'm just an ordinary woman living an ordinary life here in Sweden, and maybe that is a comfort too, to someone out there. I hope so!

But, although living that ordinary life, with little to none real contact with the vicious and evil acts spoken of, I will not let it pass me by without acting in the ways possible for me. I will continue on living my life as I always have, or maybe trying to improve it bit by bit. ;) True! But I will never not act against the terror! If writing a blog entry that will enlighten, change or empower someone other than myself to support those truly affected by the terror, or to take a stand against terrorism, then that is what I'll do. That is my contribution to the cause. The cause of eradicating terrorism from our planet. A strong and powerful statement, I know! But how can we set the goal lower than that?

I'm not that stupid or as naive to even begin to believe that it's going to happen during my lifetime here on earth. But I will never stop trying, and neither should you! Hatred begets hatred! We know this! So let us start by acknowledging that! We can not change what we don't believe! So let it be known. I understand the hatred being passed down, generation after generation, but some of us needs to be brave enough to say "Stop. The hatred stops here. It ends with me."

I want to live in peace. Don't you? I want to live in a world where we love (or atleast like, or don't mind) eachother, not hate! Where we want to understand eachother, and where we are willing to give up our own ideas and beliefs in favor of those that makes us evolve, grow or change into something better! Where we listen to eachother, not fight or kill to prove a point!

We are different. We humans. All of us. We are not the same! No one is the same. We will always be different from eachother because no mind is alike. Whether you look on the inside or the outside of us! And that is a good thing! That makes us strong, if (when) we come togheter as one! Embrace it! Accept it! Learn from it, and from eachother!

We know better! We should know better! There are no winners in a war or in killing of eachother, only losers.

Over and out

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