söndag 31 januari 2016


I'm bored. To bits! And I know I should be writing, but all I can think of is reasons to why not (there are none, so basically I'm just losing time doing nothing)!

Picture borrowed from Facebook!

And, as I realize I'm wasting time, I think of reading instead (I loooove reading! Which is a big problem as it takes time away from my writing!).

And then I try to reason with my self - if I start reading a new book today I will lose at least two or three days of writing. Ok then, no reading today!

What about a movie instead?!

Gaaaahhh! How hard can it be?! Put your arse down on the chair and start writing!!!

Wait!!! I'm just gonna write this blog entry first...

And then make a cup of tea...

Then we'll see...

Bored senseless but without motivation! Please, I need a muse! Come hither, whom ever you are! I need you!

With love!

Over and out

Traveling and memories

I love traveling. With family or/and with friends. I love to explore new countries and cities. Trying to get to know and learn about new cultures, the history of the land and their people. Tasting new food and drinks, enjoying the hospitality and generosities of new friends.

As I don't really like the cold (I haaate freezing), and the snow and ice usually following in its path, I prefer to travel where I can enjoy the sun and the warmth. In the last five years I've visited Thailand as much as six times, and I truly love it there. The people are amazingly kind, the food equally amazing as is the beaches and the life beneath the surface. And ofcourse Bangkok! Fantastic city! But one of the biggest reasons for my travels to Thailand, atleast going back four years, is the simpleness of traveling with children. They love children and nothing is ever a problem when it comes for special needs regarding the little ones. Both me and my child feel safe and taken care of. I love that!

I had cute company on my sunbed when in Koh Lanta. :)

I've visited Ao Nang (and numerous of smaller Islands in it's archipelago, like Koh Hong, Koh Haa, Railay Beach, Pra Nang beach and Koh Poda) Krabi, Koh Lanta, Koh Samui, Phi Phi Island (and ofcourse Maya Beach and Koh Po), Koh Chang and a lot of visits to Bangkok.

I love seashells, and when bored (if that is even possible) you could easily spend the whole of your vacation collecting beautiful seashells on the beach. But please, leave them there, they are not ment to travel with you!

The sunsets on the west coast of Thailand is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Before I had my baby girl I travelled to more non-baby-traveling-friendly places. Well, ofcourse you could travel there with babies too, I just wouldn't feel as safe as I do in Thailand. Like in Venezuela, a beautiful country but a bit ruff in comparison to Thailand. And truthfully not as friendly and not as secure. I visited the national park Canaima when there, and it was out of this world beautiful (using that word a lot today)! The jungle was amazing, and the waterfalls stunning! The feeling when walking under, or maybe rather behind (?), the waterfalls was spectacular! Did you know that they filmed "The last of the Mohicans" there? You know when they hide behind the waterfalls? Been there, done that! :)

The water had the colour of coffee in Canaima!

And the waves and undercurrents on Margarita Island in Venezuela was brutal (but fun when you felt in control). I actually found Margarita Island to be very similar to the West Indies, and of course that isn't strange as they're not that far apart. The biggest difference being that the people in Barbados for example, is far more friendly!

One of my trips took me to Borneo, the Malaysian part of. I both loved and hated it there. It's beautiful, amazingly so, but sorry to say they do little to respect nature when it comes to enviroment awareness. That made me so sad and made me feel heartbroken. I would love to go back, as it's been like ten years or so since my last visit! And hopefully they've improved by now, regarding preserving their enviroment and their truly spectacular nature!

I visited Turtle Island when in Borneo. Watching the amazing sea turtles when coming up from the sea to lay there eggs at night. And then following some of the little ones when fighting their way down to the sea in the sand. That was a very special moment for me, and I will never forget it!

Borneo had amazing beaches as well, this is Mataking where we went snorkeling, seeing a lot of amazing fishes, corals and sea turtles. Loved that!

On my way home from Borneo I stayed in Singapore for a few days. And as I love big cities and shopping, I loved it there! And when tiring from the citylife and shopping, you could always take a trip to Sentosa Island for some sun and beachtime. But don't go from Mount Faber and the cable-car-ride if you're afraid of heights like me! I was terrified and cried the whole way!

Well, besides all this far off traveling, I've been on shorter trips a lot. Like Rome, Venice, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Nice, Cannes, Copenhagen and so on. A favourite being London (close by, much to do/see and easy getting around), but I also love Rome!

At the Colesseum in Rome!

The amazing Fontana di Trevi.

At the Pantheon, showing off!

The spectacular roof of the Pantheon.

But ofcourse Venice was amazing! With it's narrow alleys.

And the wonderfull Piazza san Marco (or St Mark's square if you prefer it) and the church of san Marco.

Well, as usual I could go on forever talking about my travels, but I think I've just pushed your limites of interest and will stop here for now! I hope atleast some of you found this entry a good read!

Love to you all!

Over and out

lördag 30 januari 2016

Different kinds of love

I'm a sucker for love! To be frank. I'm in love in love (can you even say that?!?). I just love love (gosh, I'm just making it worse)! I love feeling it, living it, writing about it, reading about it, watching movies filled with it, hearing about it! Love! Love to love it! It's so versatile, with almost an unresonable wide range of different feelings connected to it in some way or another. Like happiness, despair, joy, sorrow, jealousy, expactations, warmth, fire, amorous, passion, intensity, vehemence, fierceness, devotion, fervency...I could go on forever. And it's this amazing mix of feelings that makes it so fantastic!

And that the love feels different depending on whom you love or who you're falling in love with. If it's loving a life partner, your child, a parent, a sibling, a friend or a pet even. It's just simply not the same love, and yet somehow not that far apart in the end! But you feel the difference. You can sense it, recognise it, and you put a lot of your trust into it. Letting it guide you through life, like a beacon in the dark, and sometimes you might even allow it to change you. Perhaps you'll be overcome by it and eventually, and perhaps unwillingly, feeling it bringing you down. Without the power to change its course.

Well, being a sucker to it doesn't make me blind or naive, or a prisoner under it's powers, but I'll always fight to be able to feel it, in someway or another as I know it enriches my life and my soul. :)

Today I've spent my day with the biggest love of my life, my little girl. We went shopping and had a nice lunch date before going back home to paint our nails with our new nailpolish. Super fun. I usually don't paint my nails, but for her I'll do anything!

So this evening I leave you with a new colour in mind, poetic rose! Beautiful both in colour and name, don't you think? :)

With love!

Over and out

Windy night

Good morning dear readers,
I had an early morning this grey but rather warm saturday. My little one woke up early and wasn't really up for going back to sleep despite my pleedings. It is times like these you wish you had gone to bed when she did! But as usual I had a late night infront of my computer and when at last I turned it of, I lay awake listening to the wind that seemed eager to tear our house down!

Well she made me leave the bed and here we are, looking for signs of the hard winds from tonight. But we seem to have been spared, thankfully. No damage so far and no fallen trees.

After breakfast we'll drive into town and do some shopping, just the two of us. Love that! Precious mother and daughter time. <3 p="">
Hope you have a wonderfull day with your loved ones!

Over and out

fredag 29 januari 2016


A few days back I promised to tell you about some of my shortcomings, and as I am someone who keeps promises...(terrified)...here we go!

First, I am sure you all are aware of your own inadequacies. Or atleast try to be. And maybe, as I, you chose to keep some of them to yourself rather than telling everyone about them. Hiding them as best as you can. It is hard to acknowledge, but I guess few people, me included, are comfortable in telling people about faults that you feel in the end might bring you down or diminishes you in the eyes of others. But then, ofcourse, there are some of them that are quite obvious and thereby no secret to people around you. No need hiding those!

Well then, my inadequacies are many, but let me start with; being resentful. I have a hard time letting go and to forgive those who hurt me. I say that I do! That I let go and forgive. But honestly the hurt and the feelings tied to that hurt (sadness, anger, sorrow, pain, shame) stays with me longer than I dare tell you. And ofcourse that effects relationships and my ability to progress in everything connected to that hurt. Still, I am super aware of this, so I think I can handle it in some levels, but truthfully, not all. I would say very few people if any (until today), knows about this not so positive trait, so I guess I'm kind of good at hiding it! ;)

Another of my shortcomings is that I am a rather good liar. And right about now my mother's laughing out loud reading this, thinking that I'm actually quite the opposite! A bad liar! Well, I partly agree with her. Going back like 35 years in time I was a lousy liar. But ofcourse I thought otherwise even then! Maybe that should tell me something... ;)
But I think my self a master of white lies. Innocent, small lies. You know, like the kind ones. I don't lie well when knowing it'll hurt people or put myself/others in a really bad or wrong situation.

I could go on forever telling you about all my faults, but I don't want you to think less of me so let me end this entry with just one more for the road:
I have a really bad temper. At times. I hide it as best as I can at work, seemingly calm and collective. But inside my head...wow! It's like popcorn popping fiercly inside and sometimes I have to clench my teeth togheter just so that I don't say something way out of line or I'll regret later on. But, as I said, I'm actually very good at hiding the popcorns going of. I just breath through it! And I might use some bad language when talking to my self (not out loud) about the thing/person getting me off.

So, now you know. I am not a perfect person. Truly not! Nor do I aspire to be. But, I do work on my shortcomings and really try to be a better person. Not because I have to, but because I want to. :)
And with this I leave you for the evening. Soaking in bubbles and feeling kind of proud and somewhat relieved that I dared share this with you. Thanks for reading!

With love and wishes of a lovely weekend for all of you!

Over and out

torsdag 28 januari 2016

A day with endings

Today was a day filled with endings. And I can't help but to think that there always is something truly good and equally sad about endings.

It is hard to let go. Whether it is letting go of a friend, family, love, partner or work-related person/tasks/projects, but it also gives you the possibility to grow and be stronger. And sometimes it's hard to move along on your own. Perhaps alone. Or in a new context. Or venture into a new and unproven partnership!

But friends! The amazing feeling you feel when you prove to your self (and others maybe) that you (or your organization/project/partnership) are stronger because of it, that you can/will make it and that you are more efficient then before - it's nothing like it!

And besides! There is nothing wrong in grieving your loss, or being afraid of things new! Not when you learn from it, accept it and then move on. In some cases you might need to forgive, and that too is eventually a good feeling (even if doesn't feel like it in the beginning). Just don't dwell and linger on. That will get you no where! And it will make you weak!

So, embrace your endings even though being hard and sadening! Something good will come from it in the end! It's all up to you! :)

Hope you had a marvelous day, my friend!

Over and out

onsdag 27 januari 2016

Shades of grey

I think most of us realizes that our world is not just black and white. That there are more shades of grey than we care to count. And that that is a good thing! Our lives would be so predictable and boring otherwise! Don't you think?!

I try to think of this, now and then, to get perspectives and another level of understanding in issues or discussions both at work and in my private life. It's not always easy, sometimes hard even, but surely worth the effort.

Today the thought crossed my mind while in a meeting. Though the thought were more in the line of wanting someone else to realize the importance of seeing things from different perspectives and that the right answer isn't always "the easy way out", or "my way, or the highway"! To realize the alternatives, all of them, and to take them in consideration. The challenge here being to emphasise the different options of viewing the matter at hand. It might sound simple, but obviously not all of us chooses to see the world in both black/white
anddifferent shades of grey!

A good way to start, or to improve in seeing/hearing or to sense the different shades of greys in this world, is to start listening. And I mean really listen! I am a good listener, I know this for certain, and I have the ambition to try to identify and consider all sides to a story, or atleast as many as possible, before I reflect and respond to what I've just heard. I do not always succeed in doing so, but I do try!
And I am actually really good at both sensing and noticing people and their feelings aswell, and that togheter with the listening is a very good trait of mine! Something that I treasure and are proud of!

But, friends! I'm not all good! Let not my blog entrys fool you! Believe me, I have shortcomings, and a lot of them too! I'm just not as good at displaying them here on the blog as I am with my traits! ;)

With a promise to let you in on some of my inadequacies in the near future! My own, personal, shades of grey!

Over and out

tisdag 26 januari 2016

When alone

When taking a well needed, hot and soothing bubble bath today I realized that you are never truly alone when you have children. You are constantly reminded of their presence by the little things scattered around you. Like an unexpected guest amongst the bubbles. Mr Sharky Shark!

It put a big smile on my face and I couldn't help but to miss the company of my little one (who loves sharks, and bought Mr Sharky last year), although I had planned to take this moment and make it all about me.

Me! You know, sinking down amongst a mountain of bubbles, surrounded by scented candles and with soft music playing in the background. Closing of the rest of the world. Letting your mind go, thinking of nothing and letting your body slowly relax in the warm water.

Well I'm not actually complaining, seeing that I'd always choose to be consumed by the love from/to my daughter, before prioritising my self. And truth be told, I did let my mind go while trying to relax in the bath, but I did it with my daughter in mind and with a heart-warming smile on my face (and without the candles and the music). The me-thing will have to wait. I'm sure I'll find the time for that too, just not today.

With love and bubbles!

Over and out


Yesterday, at the doctor with my little one, I got a choice that for me really wasn't a choice and now I want to run this by you. What is your thoughts and beliefs regarding this matter?

As my daughter got diagnosed with otitis, the doctor told us: "We don't prescribe penicillin for otitis anymore, but seeing it's her birthday and in pain I'll let you have a choice. You decide if you want me to prescribe you the penicillin or not, it will only shorten the healing process with a day or two."

Well, I'm not sure that is a choice? To me it's not anyway! Does any parent want to see or hear their child suffer, crying out of pain? I would have demanded her to write me that prescription if she hadn't given us the choice. Actually, I would have refused to leave her office until she had!

Don't get me wrong, I am all for the fight for developing strategies for reducing resistance to antibiotics! That is such an importan fight we have to participate in, all of us. BUT, when it comes to my child, our young children, and them crying out of pain and not understanding why we don't help them take the pain away, well then I'm momentarily on the other side of the fight. I will gladly give up my own use of antibiotics when (if ever) getting otitis, or some other decease that my body can heal by itself, though taking a bit longer without the medicine. But I am not willing to make the same decisions regarding my daughter. I can't bear it when she is in pain. My heart breaks! I guess I would be able to rethink this if she was a bit older, when she would be able to understand why she's in pain and that it will eventually go away when her body is done healing her. But at the age of four, she just simply doesn't understand and listening to her cries for hours is torture on both my soul and my heart. I would do anything to ease that pain!

I will do everything to carry her pain, and as we all need to drastically scale down our intake of antibiotics to reduce resistance, I will do that for her aswell by not using it myself when/if being sick.

I hope you all have a splendid day!

Over and out

måndag 25 januari 2016

Not just another day

Some days surprises you more than others. Both due to the line taken, changed or not during the day, and to the lessons we learn and experiences that we make. And at the end of each day, I wonder how often we actually can acknowledge that it all passed by according to the plan? Is that even possible? I think not, atleast not in my world! ;)
I often find my self straying from it, you see. From the plan. And I guess that has a lot to do with my habit of following my impulses and there by going with the hunches! Sometimes that is a really good idea! Sometimes...not so much! But so far I've always found my way, even though proven to have made a bad decision! Or taken the wrong turn. And maybe that's the thing! Where we make those invaluable lessons! Small or big! Either way, making us rich in all ways thinkable!

I think that in some level, me straying from the plan also is my way of trying to not fit in. Because I've always been afraid of being like everybody else. To blend in. Actually that was one of my biggest fears growing up, and even one of the reasons for my decision never to have kids (changed that one). I thought building a family truly would make me, or force me, to adjust. To fit in and be...normal. To stay on, and follow a given scheme! Terrifying!

So what changed? What made me change? Well, first of all, I'm fairly sure I didn't. Change. But I made writing, in whatever form, the thing that makes me special. Or atleast makes me FEEL special. Unique even. As it fills my void! I get to live in worlds far from normal and live out my dreams in shapes of others. Becoming someone else entirely. But I still carry those fears I had when growing up, and always think of ways to make them go away, but for now they rest comfortable within me. Just as long as I still try to be different. By deviating from my plans and going with the hunches! And by learning from it ofcourse!

Enough crazyness for tonight, friends! Thank you for dropping by!

Over and out


I'm not quite sure who surprised who this morning. Our daughter woke me up at five due to pain in one of her ears. She tried to rest with me the one hour left before the alarm was supposed to go off, but the pain only got worse. Not even breakfast in bed, with cake, candles and a lot of birthday presents could take the pain away (neither could the painkillers I gave her at five). So I had to phone work to tell them I wasn't to come in today, and then we drove to the doctor.

I feel so sad for her to be ill on her birthday! And for her to feel the pain. She's been crying on and off since five, and my heart aches for her. Both the nurse and the doctor were nice and comforting and we got a prescription for penicillin as their check-up showed she has otitis. Poor baby.
So I guess we'll spend the rest of the day in the sofa under a blanket, watching tv or reading books. And tomorrow, well I guess we'll spend tuesday here in the sofa aswell, but hopefully with a lot less pain.

With love,

Over and out

söndag 24 januari 2016


If I didn't feel like falling asleep as soon as I sit down I would probably take a moment and write you either a really funny or smart blog entry right about now. But, as the tiredness makes me feel all things other than smart and funny, that's simple not happening tonight!

So, here is a short (?!) conclusion of my day!
Woke up feeling hangover which is kind of funny as I haven't had a drop of alcohol since before Christmas. I guess it was my body telling me to sleep more and stress less! Yesterdays birthday party (and preparations for it) clearly took it's toll on me, thats for sure! After breakfast we took the little one to her first tennis lesson ever. Super fun! She loved it and I loved watching and seeing her so happy! Now we're both looking forward to next sunday and a the next tennis lesson! Back home we had lunch before leaving to celebrate our daughters best friend (and future boyfriend if the parents have a say in the matter) Moltas who just turned 4 aswell. What a birthday party! Lots of kids and super tasty cakes and yummy fresh fruits and berrys! Love that! And I espacially love and appreciat when my beautiful friends makes such an effort and bakes a special cake (gluten- and lactose free) just for me! How sweet is that! Makes me feel really special and so gratefull! Thank you babes! <3 p="">
Well then, back home again and finishing the laundry, making dinner, playing with the little one, taking care of the dishes, taking the little one to bed, reading a good night story and then kissing her good night. Putting away all her new toys and books that she left on the livingroom floor and then trashing her self made hut out of blankets and pillows (which she is going to be furios about in the morning)!

And now; sitting down in the sofa with the intention of writing a short and funny blog entry before I have a date with my Kindle - and, as you noticed, ending up writing a long and boring one! Sorry about that! Perhaps I'll manage to entertain you better tomorrow!

Now - Kindle (and trying not to fall asleep while reading)! ;)

Good night, Sweet Peas!

Over and out

lördag 23 januari 2016

Happy children

A very short entry today my friends. Just here to tell you we've had a fantastic day with loving friends and family, celebrating our daughters birthday!

It's days like this that you realize how lucky you are! Surrounded by love!

Hope you all had a brilliant day too!

Over and out

fredag 22 januari 2016

Things that makes me laugh

I am not a person that you'll easily find bursting out into laughter. Atleast I don't think I am. Maybe you who know me close should correct me here if I'm wrong! Sure, I laugh and smile at funny things said by those around me, but I think that I'm kind of bad at really cracking up in laughter when watching a show on TV or reading things regarded as funny. You know, funny as in a crampinthestomackbecauseoflaughinsohard-kind-of-fun.

It has to be simple, true and not overplayed if you're trying to make laugh. I really dislike humour shows like Fawlty Towers, or you know Mel Brooks in The Producers and stuff like that. Well known for being super funny (by all except me). I'm truly totally bored, to the brink of sleep, by everything in the fars category. In Sweden we've had guite a few very popular humour shows thru the years, like Nile City, Grotesco, Solsidan, HippHipp and Hey Baberiba - and I hated them all! And I think I actually might have been the only one. It's almost unspeakable!

I'm not trying to act all high horses on you (promise) and I'm not actually as boring as this blog entry is starting to portrait me, I just have a very particular taste when it comes to laughing matters. One might say narrow even.

So, where do I wanna go with this declaration? Well, tonight I read something super funny. Like fallingofthechaircrying-kind-of-funny! And it's exactly this kind of simpleness that cracks me up! I love it!

I saw this guy on the train today. He had no smartphone, no iPad and no laptop. He just sat there in the train. Like some kind of a psychopath!

Gosh! I'm laughing so hard writing that down! Super funny, no matter how many times I read it today! So friends, if you wanna hear me laugh with everything I got, you just recite the text above and I promise you a genuine, sincere and heartfelt laugh! But don't put on Mel Brooks on the TV - I'll just fall asleep, bored senseless!

Actually, a good, simple tickling will make me laugh too, but I've reserved the rights for that within my family unit! As one should! :)
Not trying to be peculiar and difficult, just a bit distinctive! ;)

Tomorrow we're throwing a birthday party for our little princess! 4 years old already, how time flies! So I think I'd better go to bed early tonight! It'll be an eventfull day tomorrow! I hope you all have a marvelous friday night!

With love!

Over and out

torsdag 21 januari 2016

To take a stand

I usually don't publicly take a political stand. I follow some of the ongoing debates from a distance, I read and stay updated on issues close to my heart. That's it. I leave it at that. I seldom engage my self in discussions regarding hot political subjects with friends as it frankly doesn't interest me enough. And though I have my thoughts in most of the matters, I don't think my personal beliefs matters, to others. But when I read this morning that Sverigedemokraterna, an openly xenophobic party here in Sweden, now is the second largest political party in our country, I felt I have to react!
So I wrote a text about it and published it on my Facebook. And the message was:

"I believe in human equality, in openness, compassion and tolerance. I believe in love and being humble toward all things new/changing/frightening and painful. And as that seems to be the exact opposite of what Sverigedemokraterna stand for, I now welcome all my FB friends who have chosen Sverigedemokraterna as "their" party, to please remove me from their friends list. It goes against everything I believe in, and stand for, but I hope it's an effective way to both show where I stand in these matters, and hopefully get some to reassess their choices. Togheter and through love we become powerful! Hatred is what destroys us!"

I've gotten so much positive respons to my entry, and I feel proud of my friends that are, as I am, ready to fight for love, for the weak and for those exposed and vulnerable. Remember Band Aid? We are the world? I remember. The lyrics never got a chance to fade away. It's been over thirty years but it seems the song is as valid today (unfortunately)! So I leave you with this tonight, and hope that you aswell believe that a change can only come when we stand togheter as one!

There comes a time
when we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
And it's time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all

We can't go on
pretending day by day
That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
We all are a part of
God's great big family
And the truth, you know,
Love is all we need

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving our own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me

Send them your heart
so they'll know that someone cares
And their lives will be stronger and free
As God has shown us by turning stone to bread
So we all must lend a helping hand

When you're down and out,
there seems no hope at all
But if you just believe
there's no way we can fall
Let's realize that a change
can only come
When we stand together as one

With all my love,

Over and out

onsdag 20 januari 2016

Lost among letters

I'm lost among letters. As usual. And happily! As soon as my little one has fallen asleep I dive into my Kindle. I shouldn't. But I can't help it. The letters, the storys, the characters - they all beckon me in! And I have no recistance! What. So. Ever.

I rather should do a lot of other stuff instead, like preparing for our daughters birthday party on saturday, but I give in to the joy of reading! Like to an addiction. But! Tomorrow is a new day, and by then I have no other option than to make the preparations happen. Whether I hear the beckon calls or not! That is if I want to give her the best party possible, and of course I do! So tomorrow I resist my addictions, and by that I just might have to neglect you and the blog aswell.
We'll see! Untill then, with love!

Over and out

tisdag 19 januari 2016

I'm in need

My body aches, in pain. And by that I mean a Icanhardlywalkwithoutcrying-type of pain. My muscles are stiff with soreness after a well needed workout yesterday, and my Lord the pain I got in reward... But I'll take it as a reminder of how emarrassingly bad I've been on doing my workouts lately! This is truly a turning point! I'm getting to old not to respect and act on my bodys needs! So I clench my teeth and smile when all I really wanna do is cry! I would love a massage to ease the pain. No! Let me refrase that, I NEED a massage! But as my soon to be 4 year old doesn't enjoy helping me with that I will have to dream of it instead! And tomorrow is my next schedule workout, with or without pain!

Dreaming back to this faboulus massage, that I got a while back!My girlfriends and I had two masseurs come over and give us massages when we had a girls night out! Super nice! We started the day with a workout togheter and then went back home for massages and facials before we made dinner and had some wine (and a lot of talk and laughter)! A perfect and girly date with the best of friends! Love my girls! Love, love, love! We've been friends so long now that we're more like sisters! All of us! But I don't dare tell how long we've known eachother, but it... Well, let me tell you, a lot of water have run under the bridge! Sooo much water! ;)

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow.

Over and out

måndag 18 januari 2016

Pain and cotton

This morning was a morning of change. Nothing went on according to plan. I woke up with dazzles in the corners of my eyes and after a few disoriented minutes I realized I had a migraine comming up. It doesn't happen that often, and it's never the pain that tells me it's comming, but the dazzles. And if I don't take painkillers in time, the dazzles will take over my eyesight and slowly make me lose focus or sight completely. With a thundering headache in it's track!

So I made it out of bed (barely), made breakfast to my little princess who was on a marvelous mood (not!) and got her ready for kindergarten (crying as she wanted to stay home with me) before I fell back in bed and pulled the covers over my head (trying not to think about my little girl crying for me as she left with daddy). And thats pretty much how I spent my day.

Anyhow, now I'm beginning to feel better and if my head is up for it later on, I'll try to stretch out my body (needed mostly in my neck and back) and loosen up some muscles with a little yoga and workout with my "7 min App". But for now I'm taking it easy. The little one needs to be picked up in an hour, so that is my first goal of the afternoon as her daddy is working!

Yes, I'm feeling a bit blue today! And yes, that requires filters! A lot of them really, but the one I found will do. Just ad some blue and red under and in my eyes if you need to se my true self in this low moment of time. The eye make up is for when I go to kindergarten and the store for groceries. I never show myself outside my home without make up on. Sad I know, but necessary if I'm to leave the house. :)
Well, when on vacation and sun bathing I can go without, but any ordinary day I can not. Never leave home without it! :)

Hope you had a better day!
With love!

Over and out

söndag 17 januari 2016

Busy, busy, busy

If yesterday was consider a lazy day, then today was just the opposite! With one week left to my little princess birthday there is a lot to prepare to make her birthday party just as special as she wishes and deserves. She has decided that theme of the party should be ponys or horses, so I'm going all in. There will be ponys everywhere!!! The things you do for your children! After today and next week I actually feel like I truly will deserv the "mum-of-the-year-award! ;)

So today we started cleaning the whole house, from top to bottom. There will be no time for that before the guests arrive on saturday, only a fast run over with the vacuum cleaner. After we finished up the hard work we drove into town for some groceries needed for my plans on baking for the party. Back again and by now I've just finished cleaning up after baking two kinds of cookies. With "good" help of my little one (really she just made a mess of things, but who am I to deny her baking cookies to her own party?!). There is still four more batches to be done, but I'll do that later this week after work. I have to get going with dinner and after that the princess will be put in the tub with lots of bubbles for some play and washing up!

After that I plan to sit down with a cup of tea and make very specific plans for next week. There are still things that I need to get at the store, cookies to be baked, a cake with a pony on it to be ordered at the bakery and games to be prepared! I plan on making both children and adults to enjoy the party! I'll let you know on saturday a week from now if I succeded! ;)

I'm tired already and there is still six more days to go with preparations! Maybe I shouldn't have spent yesterday lazying (is that even a word?!?) around with my Kindle after all... ;)

Hope you all have a faboulus week!

With love!

Over and out

lördag 16 januari 2016

Be still my heart

This has been a very slow and uneventfull day for me and my little family. And I've loved every minute of it! I guess most people hate days like these, but to me they are like water to a fish. I need them! I crave them.

And besides, it's freezing outside! Neither one of us were actually that interested in venturing outside to play as the temperature was close to a whopping - 20 degrees Celsius. So we stayed in. Ignoring all the things on the always growing to-do-list. Just hanging out, doing nothing special really.
Well, to be truthfull, I've actually spent most of the day lost in my Kindle. Just coming up for air, drink and food, and then throwing my self right back in the book I'm currently reading.

I can remember quite a few days like this when I was I child. My twin and I spent a lot of weekends or week nights lost in books. Both my father, mother and grandfather read a lot, so I guess it came with the DNA! ;)

I understand that it may be hard for some to comprehend, "wasting" time, hours upon hours reading. But I can not live without it. My mind and my heart relish in the storys, indulge in the feelings and images that builds up inside when I'm lost in a book. It can be the last thing on my mind before falling a sleep, and my first thought waking up.

Sometimes I love the people I follow in the storys, sometimes dislike or truly hate. On occasions they scare the living daylight out of me. The important thing is that they make me feel things! Highs and lows! Books gives me the opportunity to leave this world and enter in another. To fall in love without betraying my family, because it is not real. I get a chance of becoming someone else entirely. A new me. That I can step in and out of as I please. They give me an opportunity to see the world thru the eyes of another, without really traveling. Amazingly! The books and their storys makes my heart tingle out of love, jump out of joy and break up in pain or just simply run in fright! Sometimes to fast and sometimes frustratingly slow!

And the really good thing with books are that you have the power of deciding when to read and when not to. It's all up to me. I decide if I want to spend my time somewhere els, in a different world or a different place, or if I rather spend it right here, and right now!

And just to be clear, if someone really thought other, ofcourse I chose to spend my time with my daughter when she's awake! Most of my reading happens after her bedtime, or when she and daddy has their special father-daughter moments. But as she too loves books, we sometimes lay beside eachother reading, as we did today, here and there during the day.

Well friends, it's time to leave you for an adventure amongst fairys, faes, demons and witches! Isn't it faboulus!

With all my love!

Over and out

fredag 15 januari 2016

Sushi night

Short entry today! I'm just off to my twinsister for an evening with a japanese touch! They've invited us to sushi dinner and my brother-in-law has been sending us messages in japanese just for fun all week. And ofcourse I didn't get a word of it, so we might have missed something quite essential and important for tonight, like "bring the rice"! ;)

Hope you all have a faboulus friday!

With love!

Over and out

torsdag 14 januari 2016

Wishing you the best

Just popping in to say hello to you my friend! I hope you've had a splendid day!

I've finally put my daughter to bed and find my self sitting in the livingroom listening to her talking to her stuffed animals in bed. She doesn't seem near tired but I know she'll soon come to rest. This is our daily routine you see. Me or her father tucking her in at night, reading her a good-night story, lighting her night-lamp and then leave her with lots of kisses and hugs.

After we leave she stays awake up to an hour reading to her self, playing with her stuffed animals in bed or just lying there talking or singing for a while. Sometimes she calls for either one of us, wanting water or just for us to talk to her for a bit. Asking questions or telling us something that she thinks is funny or super important. She's never upset, and I don't think we've disagreed with her about her going to sleep since she was a little baby. I think she just have to calm her self down enough after an active day with her friends and teachers at kindergarten, before she realize she's really tired.

I guess that makes us very lucky when it comes to putting your child to bed. Well, actually, I think we're super lucky, period, to have this amazing little girl whom fills our hearts and lives with so much love and joy! Like every parents, or atleast most, we live to make her happy. We will fight for her in all ways possible to be able to help her reach her goals in life and make her dreams come thru. By us securing her the necessary means and by combining that with a safe and happy upbringing and loving family, I believe we will make it happen. :)

There should be laws that made that a matter of course for all children on this planet. But as I know that isn't the case, I give money on a monthly basis to a foundation, Barnfonden, that gives families a chance of building a safe enviroment for their children. Simple things that we take for granted, like a home, food on the table and securing their children an education. I get letters regulary from the my girls (and their families) to whom I donate money thru Barnfonden. They live in Cambodia and Bolivia. Far away both in distance and in living conditions. Beautiful girls that I hope will be able to reach their goals and dreams in life, just like I wish my daughter will!

I can no longer hear her talking to her self, so I guess she was tired after all tonight! I'll leave you for tonight dear readers, and hope you all had the luck of loving parents that filled you with love and helped you reach your goals and dreams!

Over and out

onsdag 13 januari 2016

Lesson of the day

I think I've broken some kind of personal record today. Set a new personal best! The record of being most stupid and tired ever! And Lord, do I struggle! To keep awake! And remain sane! And I can blame no one but my self, as usual! ;)
For some stupid reason I lay awake this morning reading until long after two o'clock! I don't know how I ever thought that would be a good idea?! Espacially since the alarm clock woke me up again less than four hours later, at six. I have it bad! Me and books! I'm addicted! In a bad way! Oooor...maybe they have magical powers, keeping me awake when I should be sound asleep! ;)
This whole day has been a struggle! I made it thrue work within a whisker! And the drive home was a pest! Now that I'm back home I fight not to give in to sleep! My eyes feels like I've shoved in spoon upon spoon of sand and gravel in them, and my head strangely (I guess not) filled with cotton. My hearing is super sensative and every high (or just irritating) sound makes me loose my temper. Every time I try to sit down, my eyes falls shut and the soothing darkness of sleep catches me instantly!

So I fight to stay awake! Really, really struggle! By making my self walk around and fix thing needing to be fixed. Little, simple things, like putting the cushions in the sofa in a different order than before. Or watering the plants, or sweaping of the floor in the laundry room. Or sorting the mail. Because anything more complicated than that makes my head spinn in confusion! And by that I can confirm that a substantial lack of sleep makes you feel, and act, stupid! I guess reading this blog entry tomorrow will prove that and make me blush as it's probably filled with misspellings and grammatical errors. But atleast I managed to stay awake while writing it! ;)

So these are my lessons of the day:
- Fight your book addiction (or just learn to handle it)!
- Don't ever think that just over three hours of sleep is enough for you! You are not twenty anymore...
- Lack of sleep makes you act and say/write stupid things!

Over and out

tisdag 12 januari 2016

A void

Like secrets I believe we all have voids inside of us. Some out of sorrow, loneliness, hurt and pain. Others of just emptiness. And maybe some of just different colours depending on ones mood. A loving red, a stressed up orange, a happy pink and a sad grey. And the come in different shapes and sizes too! And sometimes it's fearfull to be stuck in them, and sometimes you just find youself right inside of one, without knowing why or how.

As do I this evening. Not feeling sad, hurting, lonely or filled with dark toughts. Not filled with happiness or joy either though. Just emptied. Tired. No emotions, just in a kind of a limbo. In a void. Waiting for the batteries to reload. Or something. And I think the colour around me in this particular void of mine is a calming and sothing green. It feels good. Not happy-good, just ok-good. Like it's needed, no questions asked. :)

Maybe it's both the body and the minds way of handling everything around us. Letting us shutt down if that is what one needs, or keeping you in a happyplace - like a buble within. Or finding comfort or just time to heal or reflect. I'm not sure, but I do think it can be both a good and a bad thing. :)
I guess some of you think I'm crazy right about now, but so be it! Maybe I am! Then proud of it! I have a vivid imagination! Just telling you how I regard the world and putting words on my thoughts and how I see things. And! It's been a long day! If that is an excuse needed for some of you! ;)

Over and out

måndag 11 januari 2016

To a place far far away

So, it seems that the winter is giving us mixed signals again. Rain fell on my shoulders as I walked to my car after work. And the temperature was really nice for once, no risk of freezing my but of at all actually! Need I tell you how happy that made me feel! :D
Well, about thirty minutes later, after driving home, I stepped out of the car to go and get my daughter from kindergarten and...snow fell on my shoulders. Big, heavy snow flakes! And the temperature had dropped again! Gaaahh! I want summer! Please! Or at least spring! Pretty please?!

As it is, I just have to accept that heavy winter is upon us and the only way to solve my need for sunshine and warmth is to go on vacation (not happening as I just returned to work after two weeks of)! Like in this photo when I lay on the hot white sands at Maya beach, just outside of Phi Phi Islands, Thailand. Loved it there, as did the other five thousand (exaggerating a bit, but not much) tourists fighting for a spot on the smal beach! Beautiful place though, but just too many tourists to be healthy for anyone let alone the poor fishes and other sea living creatures, beneath the surface!

Well, well! Next vacation stop will not be Maya beach, Thailand (been there, done that - actually on three different occasions). And sadly to say it will not be any time soon either. Not to the sun anyhow!

I'm looking forward to spending a few days in London with my best friend in the beginning of May. After that we'll see. Probably a shorter trip this summer to the south of Europe, and we've talked about going either to the Philippines, Borneo, Bali or the Maldives for next Christmas. Nothing decided yet though.

So for the time being I look at my friends lovely holiday pictures on FB and Insta and wish I was there with them while snowflakes and/or rain keeps falling outside! No matter how hard I wish otherwise! ;)

Over and out

söndag 10 januari 2016

A snowy winters day

I dislike snow. Well, winter really. I truly wish I didn't because of it's beauty which of course I see and appreciate, but I can't help it. I much rather spend those cold and snowy winters days inside, by the fire and with a book in my hands. Sipping on some hot chai tea and if I'm lucky, nibbling on some dark choclates. Heaven!

But, as I am a mother of a soon to be 4 year old amazing little girl, I just have to render out in the freezing snow! No questions ask. And of course I do it with my happy face on, there is no other face when being with my little princess! Today we tried on her new skis, which she didn't like after about two minutes using them (well invested money there)! So we went sledding instead, which she LoVeD! For the first time ever she wanted to go down the hill all by her self, and screamed with joy as she did! So, disliking winter wasn't that big of a deal today! But I still froze my but of! With no one to blame but my self as I chose not to dress accordingly for the task a head! Sometimes my stubborness is a bad thing...evidently! ;)

By now my little princess is sound asleep and I can drink that hot cup of tea whilst nibbling (gorging rather) on my choclates and reading on my Kindle. Without any thoughts on the snowy and cold weather outside!

And this is how you would find me any given free time on a winters day. If I'm not working on my writing that is. But, the picture is not that different if I was occupied writing. Just switch the Kindle with my Apple Airbook in the photo and there you have it! ;)

I'm much more of a spring and summer kind of girl, and I suspect my daughter will be as well (she's not super fond of going out in the snow to play...I wonder why!?!). I love being in the stables or out horseback riding in spring time, surrounded by the beauty of a nature soon to be bursting with new life. Blackbirds singing in the tree tops and all the different colours of greens and flower buds every where around you. All the smells, the sounds and the beauty of it all, it's just so amazing. And being aware of and to sense all this from the back of a horse, well that just makes it out of this world beautiful! I love it! And that goes for the summer as well! Both sounds and smells seems to intensify in the summer, have you noticed that? :)

I just love horses! And I wish I had more time to spend with them! This is Ingo (to the left) and Lina (to the wright) and me in the middle, serving them some treats (carrots).

This is the best feeling; tired, warm (sweaty) and happy after a few hours horseback riding on Ingo! <3 br="">
I sense that my daughter has picked up my love for horses though, so I predict a lot more time spent with her in the stable coming on! And maybe then I could even appreciate winter, IF spent in the company of my daughter and some horses! ;)

Over and out

lördag 9 januari 2016


Do we all keep them? Secrets? Can you tell who does and who doesn't just by looking at a person? Sometimes I think you can. Sometimes I believe you are so afraid of someone finding out that you can't seem to be able to hide them. That you carry them on the outside, as dead weight, rather than hidden safetly on the inside.

But is it necessarily a bad thing to keep those kind of secrets hidden from the ones you love? And by that I'm not asking about the innocent, small ones - but neither am I talking about those hurtfull ones with evil betrayal and malicious intent (I don't believe in keeping those, the truth will always find a way and hurting the ones you love intentionally is so wrong). I'm talking about the secrets that has the ability to change things just because they exists. You may regard them as your own, deeply personal secrets, but still, in some way or another, they may change people, situations, feelings or even the future.

I have secrets. But I don't keep secrets that I know will hurt people. The secrets I carry is more likely to hurt me more than anybody else. But! They may have the ability to change things. And by that I mean that they might possess the ability to alter the way people see me, or think/feels about me. And I don't want them to, so I keep them hidden. I don't want them to have that kind of power. The secrets! Over me, or the ones close to me. Sometimes I've chosen to tell, but so far I'm not convinced that my secrets is better of told, than untold. So mostly I keep them hidden. Inside. I know I'm good at hiding them. And so I've been told by the ones I've shared them with. And truth be told, I've kept them so long now that I'm certain I only make them visable up on my own demand. And that only happens when I'm truly alone.

What do you think? Is it ok to keep secrets? Or should we just come clean to the ones we love? Regardless fears?

Over and out

fredag 8 januari 2016


Ibland undrar jag om vi alla bär på dem, eller om det bara är jag. Osäkerheter och känslan av att vara otrygg i sig själv. Jag vet varför, för min egen del. Jag vet var roten till min egen osäkerhet och otrygghet gror. Jag vet också varför just jag bär på dem, och jag kämpar med och mot dem ofta. Men det är inte alltid lätt att gräva upp rötter. De kan sitta djupt och ha rotat sig brett, då hjälper det inte hur mycket man än drar och sliter. Ibland är det lättare att försöka ignorera det och bara gå vidare. Kämpa sig igenom känslan och hoppas att det är ljusare på andra sidan, eller att man helt enkelt bara låta den mala och övertala sig om att det går bra ändå. Jag är den jag är, och vid den här åldern så inser jag att vissa fighter bara inte är meningsfulla att ta. Det är trots allt i mörkret som ljuset vilar.

Sometimes I wonder if we all carry them, or if it's just me. Insecurities and the feeling of being unsafe, inside one self. I know why, for my own part. I know where the root of my insecurities dwells. I also know why I carry them around, and I fight both with and against them, often. But it's not always easy to dig up roots. They can be buried deep and wide, and by then it's useless to try to pull them up. They wont budge. Sometimes it's easier to try and ignore them and just carry on. Fight thru the feelings and hope that there is a light on the other side of darkness. Or just let them carry on there thing and reason with one self while it pass, to see that it will be alright just the same. I am who I am, and by this point in life I realize that some fights just isn't worth fighting. And besides, it is after all in the darkness that light finds it's rest.

Over and out

torsdag 7 januari 2016

Back to reality

Idag var första arbetsdagen efter långledigheten. Det, tillsammans med en natt med en stundtals vaken dotter (och därmed även jag) och isiga 21 minusgrader ute, gjorde det tungt att gå upp imorse. Hade kunnat betala tusenlappar för att få sova några timmar till under det varma täcket! Samtidigt gillar jag att vara på plats tidigt så man hinner komma igång innan alla möten börjar! Och, i ärlighetens namn, så var det också skönt att vara igång på jobbet igen! Vardagen i all sin struktur och ordning, det finns en charm och trygghet i det också, även om jag älskar att vara ledig och utan måsten. Lite extra skönt var det också att veta att det blir en lugn och mjuk start, med bara två arbetsdagar denna vecka. :)

Och det blev ju inte en sämre dag när arbetspasset avslutades med ett par timmar med lillflisan på plats på kontoret. <3 p="">Hon gillar att rita på min white board på rummet. Idag blev det en "jättestor jätte". :D

Tycker att jag förärats med en mycket vacker utsikt från mitt kontorsfönster. Eller vad säger ni! Även om jag inte tycker om kyla och vinter så är det i varje fall vackert med snö, det kan jag inte säga annat än! Och det är faktiskt inte helt ovanligt att vi har besök av rådjur runt vårt hus!

Over and out

onsdag 6 januari 2016

In the heart of the sea

Jag har pratat om den tidigare, berättat om mina stora förväntningar och längtan till den svenska premiären av In the heart of the sea. Idag var det så äntligen dags, dagen D.

En fullsatt biosalong trots att det har varit väldigt lite, tycker jag, press om denna film här hemma i Sverige. Dessvärre också än ganska liten salong, men det var inte salongstorleken som räknades ikväll.

Boken, och därmed också filmen, bygger på en sann historia om valfångstfartyget Essex och dess besättnings öde. En fantastisk film, som inte gjorde mig besviken (så där som man blir ibland efter att ha läst boken och sedan ska se filmen), snarare tvärt om! Så, kära vänner, gå och se denna fina film! Och läs boken! Ni kommer inte att ångra er! Fantastiska skådespelare, däribland Mr Chris Hemsworth (yeeees, helt rätt, mitt frikort 😇) som förste styrman Owen Chase, och han var...as splendid, talented and unbelievably handsome as always. Men det var bara en bonus. Filmen är mer än sevärd även för dem av er som inte är lika förtjusta i Mr Hemsworth som jag är, det intygade min biodejt, bästa Hessam! ;)

Over and out

tisdag 5 januari 2016

Just sayin'

Sometimes a girl just wants to be singled out. You know; being the one picked out, out of thousands, or millions rather. Chosen! Like there are none comparable...on this earth. To you. Given the feeling of being earth shattering, heart breaking, stars falling...beautiful. Feeling like living in a dream. Unbelievable. Unthinkable. Unimaginable.
Yet happening.

Over and out

Bye bye Santa

Nu har vi städat bort julen. Ja, egentligen gjorde vi det redan i förrgår för då åkte granen ut och pepparkakshuset åkte ner i komposten, men det var först igår kartongen fylldes till bredden och bars ut i garaget. Då de sista småsakerna plockades bort och gav oss tillbaka våra vardagsdetaljer i inredningen. Men, ljuset av våra adventsstjärnor i fönstren har fått mig att fundera över att skaffa fönsterlampor (hängande) till köket och vardagsrummet. Det är dock en svår nöt att knäcka. Jag är egentligen inte en big fan och är väldigt känslig för typ/färg/form/ljus när det kommer just till fönsterlampor! Men, jag får grunna vidare på detta och sondera terrängen. Kanske hittar jag något som faller mig på läppen trots allt. Trendiga tips mottages tacksamt! ;)

Nu när julen är över och har lämnat vårt hem för denna gång (saknar den vackra granen redan), så noterade jag vid läggningsdags igår att jag trots allt fick lite julkänsla kvar i kroppen av min pyjamas.

Juliga pyjamasbyxor! ;)

Annars spenderades gårdagskvällen som den görs allra bäst i min ensamhet (maken jobbade), med tända ljus i sällskap av min Kindle, en kopp te och Lindt Excellence Madagascar! Who needs a tv då liksom! Ända nackdelen med detta happy place, eller "state", är att jag återigen fick mindre än fem timmars sömn inatt. Det märks på den korta stubinen idag... Be aware!!! ;)

Nästa år planerar vi en utlandsvistelse över jul och nyår, så då blir det ingen gran. Tur med andra ord att vi fick njuta av en så vacker gran i år! :D

Nu ska jag ta igen mig lite på soffan, har ju precis gått upp och fått i mig frukost. Då är lite vila på sin plats, tycker ni inte?! ;)

Over and out

måndag 4 januari 2016

Reaping what you sow

I love being långledig! När man utan dåligt samvete och oro i kroppen kan ligga och läsa halva nätterna, och dagarna med för all del. Hade ju planerat en skrivarfrenesi under denna ledighet, men jag har nog inte fått ihop mer än åtta, nio meningar in alles. Läsandet har helt enkelt tagit överhanden, och skrivandet har fått stå tillbaka. Det är som att välja mellan diamanter och rubiner för mig, det går liksom bra vilket som. Även om jag så klart, i det långa loppet, får mer utväxling av att skriva själv. Det är ju min dröm. En dröm som jag truly intend to achieve! Men, mitt enda nyårslöfte 2016 är att skriva klart mitt pågående projekt, så jag planerar att ta mig åtminstone en bit närmare drömmen, även om jag inte uppfyllde målet för skrivandet under julledigheten. :)

Idag är dock en "dagen efter" dag. Dagen efter reading all night, that is, och jag är så där lite lagom mosig i huvudet och trött i ögonen. Strax över fem timmars sömn är helt klart för lite, men ibland är det värt det, att inte lägga ifrån sig boken (Kindle i mitt fall) trots att ögonen svider! Så idag skulle jag vilja planera för, liksom min pyjamas förespråkar, att hålla mig i sängen hela dagen!

Men, även om pyjamasen fortfarande är på, så har jag gjort mig i ordning och förpassat mig till soffan så här långt och lämnat mitt duniga täcke att värma den tomma madrassen istället. Det tog emot, men Lillflisan är utlovad en korvgrillning i skogen med sina "kusinsystrar", moster, morbror och så oss så klart, mamsen och papsen, så det är bara att gnugga bort tröttheten ur ögonen och ta tag i dagen! :)

Over and out

söndag 3 januari 2016

Making a mess of things

Jag gillar ordning och reda. Det gör mig lugn. Och jag vill att mitt hem ska vara fläckfritt och att var sak ska ha sin plats. Detta gäller allt i mitt liv/hem, om man bortser från min garderob. Den är, och har alltid varit (eller vad säger du, mamma) en katastrof när det kommer till ordning och reda. Är det inte konstigt?! Lillflisans garderob har jag stenkoll på och har systematiserat en väldig god ordning med olika avdelningar på hyllplanen indelade efter klädtyper. Men i min egen garderob, snacka om att göra a mess of things! Jag vågade inte ens ta en förebild och visa er...

Det är så märkligt att jag har, och behöver ha, ordning överallt utom just i garderoben. Min egen that is. Jag gillar ju dessutom kläder! Och att shoppa dem, så jag har ju en del... Om ni tänker er ett klädberg, modell högre, och sedan tar den tanken vidare till ett försök att klämma in samma berg på en yta kanske två gånger för liten för klädmassan...ja, och självklart lägger till en hjälpande dörr för att hålla massan på plats i all sin trångboddhet...då är ni i närheten av min garderob. Måste jag tillägga att jag aldrig hittade något att ha på mig? Vågade inte ens öppna dörren för att försöka leta! Med risk för att drunkna i ett klädras!

Men nu är det ordning och reda igen! När jag omöjligt fick in ett enda litet klädesplagg till, blev jag ju så illa tvungen att agera! ;)
Så, projekt "klädkammare" drogs igång lite tidigare än inplanerat! Vi började därför gårdagen med att slita ut allt innehåll ur den tilltänkta klädkammaren, den som hitintills agerat förråd/skräprum medan maken byggde vår carport/förråd. Detta i sig skapade ett otrevligt kaos i resten av huset, i varje fall för mig, lillflisan och katterna tyckte att det var fantastiskt kul med grejer överallt! När rummet var tomt åkte vi till IKEA och köpte ett nytt förvaringssystem, Algot, som vi åkte hem och monterade upp.

Säga vad man vill om IKEA och kvalitet, men billiga är dem! Och enkelt är det att få upp dessutom. Det tog oss inte särskilt lång stund att få upp det på väggen! Och slutnotan hamnade på ca 1700kr.

Så nu har vi fyllt på våra kläder, eller delar av i varje fall. Vi har fortfarande kvar varsin garderob i sovrummet och jag har en extra inne i lillflisans rum med bland annat mina klänningar. :)

Och när vi var klara med allt så hade vi fått ihop ett mindre berg av kläder som vi skänkte till återvinningen. Skönt att få rensa ut och att äntligen få ordning på mina kläder! Nu gäller det bara för mig att hålla i ordningen i klädkammaren! Vad tror du mamma, är jag ett lost cause eller kan jag lyckas denna gång? ;)

Over and out