lördag 13 februari 2016

Lyrics touching my very core

I love Adeles new album, 25! How can you not when hearing her amazing voice and the fantastic lyrics! I've been listening to it daily for the last three months or so. The lyrics are touching me deep!

Like in "I miss you":
I want every single piece of you
I want your heaven and your oceans too
Treat me soft but touch me cruel
I wanna teach you things you never knew
Bring the floor up to my kamera
Let me fall into your gravity
Then kiss me back to life to see
Your body standing over me

Or in "When we were young"
Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk to the way you move
Everybody here is watching you
'Cause you feel like home
You're like a dream come true

and later on in the same song:
I was so scared to face my fears
Nobody told me that you'd be here

Or in "Love in the dark"
You have given me something I can't live without
You mustn't underestimate that when you're in doubt
But I don't want to carry on like everything is fine
The longer we ignore it all the more that we will fight

And one of my absolute favourites, "River Lea":
But my heart is a valley, it's so shallow and man made
I'm scared to death if I let you in that you'll see I'm just a fake
Sometimes I feel lonely in the arms of your touch
But I know that's just me cause nothing ever is enough
When I was a child I grew up by the river Lea
There was something in the water, now that something's in me

Love it! Buy it if you haven't already and listen carefully to the lyrics, they're amazing! Actually, I think this might be the first album ever, regardless artist, that I've really been able to connect the words in every song with feelings or memories of my own in one way or another. Or atleast felt them speak right to my heart and soul. Strong words, I know, but truthfully she's that good.

Listen to it, you'll love it (I hope)!

Over and out

Cheap cats

This morning the cats were up for sale! And they would have been really cheap! :(

But, I've calmed down now. Sort of. As it was the second time in a week though, and the last thing they trashed was my beautiful Raku doll, it was harder to forgive them this second time around (even though it cost me more last time as I paid a lot more for the Raku doll).

The picture is borrowed from Artilleriet where you can by these beautiful Raku dolls in different colours. You can find them here!

These two has a lot of making up to do! But it's hard to be mad when they look this cute...

Hope you've had a better start on your day!

Over and out

fredag 12 februari 2016

Winters return

I've been going on about the light returning and I guess that, in combination with my longing for the winterseason to be over, in some levels made me believe that spring was upon us. Ofcourse I should've known better!

Jack Frost has been doing his thing during the night, and my office view is a lot whiter today than yesterday! The weather forecast is predicting degrees below zero the next few days, and I just have to realize that spring wont be joining us any time soon!

Snowy wishes (sadly to say, I would rather have wished them to be warm and sunny)!

Over and out

torsdag 11 februari 2016

Thinking out loud

I use this blog to ventilate my thoughts and feelings, making them available to those interesting in reading about them. Getting to know me through it, an infamous, ordinary and quite plain swedish woman (who would rather still name her self girl instead of woman, but age has made that harder to incentivize). I've been blogging since 2009 and feel no need to stop just yet. As long as I have a good number of visitors and finding it gives something back to me, I'll keep going. :)

Since I noticed that over half of my readers are from other countries, I started to write in english a few weeks back. As english is not my native language I hope you all have patience with my misspellings and inadequate sentence constructions. I'm totally aware that I sometimes mess things up, but my intensions are always good. I really don't like misspellings and I try not to make them, but even my proofreading fails at times. I have to say it's really educational to write in another language than your own, and I learn a lot whilst doing it even though I sometimes mess it up! :)

So, thank you for stopping by! And for being patient with me!

Over and out

onsdag 10 februari 2016

Leaving home

I would lie if I said it was easy to leave home when knowing the rest of my little family has a day of from work and kindergarten! I would have loved to stay home with them, but I have to work. A lot of important meetings today and matters to tend to. I look forward to meet up with my loved ones again early evening instead!

Somewhere in there, in our beautiful house, my little girl and husband is just wakening up while I leave for work!

Hope you all have a perfect day!

Over and out

Learning my lessons

I've spent a good hour doing my yoga excercises after arriving home from work, just as I promised my self earlier this afternoon. Although I know the long term effect isn't noticeable yet, I feel a welcoming release in my spine already. I use this fabulous app when I do yoga, Yoga studio, that I really recommend to you all!

Easy to follow and learn from, both showing pictures and films of the excercises! But truthfully, as I'm both very stiff (especially in my back) and a novice, I am almost embarrassed by how unflexible I am when doing the excercises! I'm not even close at looking as good as the yoga girl in this app. Her flexibility is truly impressive! But, I try to convince my self that practice makes perfect! Someday I might look atleast half as flexible as her, and that will be the best feeling in a long time, I'm sure of it! :)

And besides, either way, me doing yoga looking and performing a bit poorly doesn't mean much as I know how good it makes my back feel when I'm done. That is after all what matters! :)

Peace and love!

Over and out

Coffee break

A long workday is closing in on it's ending, but I still have a couple of hours to go. I just had to take a break to eat a sandwish, and decided to pop by to say "Hi" to you all.

I actually feel a bit lightheaded today when turning my head to fast in either directions and I guess it has to do with my aching back. I have had problems with my spine, and compressed vertebras since after the pregnancy of our daughter, and that sometimes give me pain to deal with. And to ad to that, the muscles in my back sometimes fight against me, or maybe rather punishes me when I mess up my training and back excercises. So, as usual, I have no other to blame but my self! And as I usually learn from my misstakes, I will most certainly yoga tonight! But for now I'll enjoy my break! :)

Have a nice day!

Over and out

tisdag 9 februari 2016

Good laughs

I love the way my little girl makes me laugh without even meaning to. By just being her self, four years old and trying to learn how everything works in this world and beyond (she really loves space right now)!

Like when she sat in her grandfathers lap just a few days back. Looking up in his face she noticed his nose and asked him curiosly:

"Grandpa, why do you have spiders living in your nose?"

I'm not sure my father-in-law laughed quite as hard as me, but whatever nose hair he had in there, is long gone by now! ;)

With love!

Over and out


I guess some of you have trouble relating to my joy of the light returning to us here in Sweden. Some parts of our country (way up north) has spent most of late autumn and winter in total darkness as the sun never climbes over the horizon during daytime. We don't have it that bad down here around Uppsala where I live. I guess at it's worst the sun rises around 8 o'clock in the morning and sets sometime after 3 in the afternoon. Depending on if there is snow on the ground or not, darkness can be kind of consuming, atleast for me. Atleast snow lighten up the darkness, espacially at full moon! That is why I love early spring when the daylight stays with us longer and longer for everyday passing. As today! I was extremly (not exaggerating a bit) happy when I went home from work and realized it was stil not dark although the time was closing in at 5 in late afternoon.

Light-ish at least. Some of you might like to call this dark, but to me it's light! :)

So I ware my happy-face after realizing this! I can't wait til summer when the sun sets around midnight and rises again at 4 in the morning where I live! The best time of the year! And for the northern parts of Sweden, the sun never sets in summer - kind of repaying for all the days spent in total darkness in the winter! If you have a chance, you should really visit Sweden around mid or late June, it's absolutely gorgeous!

With love from a happy me! :)

Over and out

måndag 8 februari 2016

Bubbles for the little one

In the car, on our way home from picking up my little girl from kindergarten, I decided that she should take a bath as soon as we got home. When telling her, she just agreed. Without any complaints! What a victory! And without fighting me! I'm almost in shock! How I did it? Well, I think the secret was me mentioning that I bought her a new shampoo and body wash! And promising her a bath filled with bubbles and toys!

The biggest surprise though, was that she let med shampoo her hair without complaining or crying out once!!! And when I praised her about it, she said:
"But mummy, I'm four years old now. I didn't like it when I was three, but now I'm older and don't mind any more!"
Yeah, right! As she turned four just a couple of weeks ago and us having this fight just a few days back...we'll see about that! But for now I'm thrilled about todays outcome!

She had company, as always. Our kitten Morris held her company when playing in the water (me too ofcourse, she's to young to take a bath on her own). Usually our other cat, Charlie, is the one joining her. But today Morris saw it as her duty to watch over our daughter, wich is kind of extra sweet as Morris is terrified of getting water in her fur. Charlie doesn't mind that at all, quite the opposite in fact. Twice I've had to pick him up from the water as he tumbles in when trying to play with our daughter.

And now, after putting her to bed and reading her a goodnight story, I'll make my self a cup of tea and watch the latest episode of Black Sails on HBO Nordic. One of my favourites! And then I might just write a page or two! Wouldn't that be great!!! I wish...inspiration lost.

With love!

Over and out