måndag 16 oktober 2017

Lessons learned

Sorry for not giving you my time much the last two days, it’s been totally crazy trying to get ready with all the finishing touches before the showing of our apartment. Now they’re both done so fingers crossed some of the visitors fell in love with it.

I think it looks close to perfect.

And hopefully someone else will too.

My lesson learned this weekend is that I really shouldn’t postpone (or underestimate) the work needed to be done before a showing. 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

lördag 14 oktober 2017

Get it done

Remember me telling you about everything I postponed instead of getting ready for the showing of our apartment? Well now I can’t postpone it any longer. Tomorrow is the big day, so it needs to happen today. 

I’m just going to enjoy this gorgeous cafe latte first. Slowly. 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

torsdag 12 oktober 2017

Postponing the inevitable

This weekend our real estate agent is showing our apartment to presumable buyers, on both Sunday and Monday. And I’ve got tons to do before that, to make sure it’s at its best. Cleaning everything spotlessly and throwing things away (or just hiding them in the basement 😜). Organising all my wardrobes so that the buyers can see the potential space instead of my mess (yes, my closets are a disaster, the only space that I fail at keeping it organised). And leaving the cats at a friends house and getting rid of all traces of them. Tons to do. So I should start to work on that. Do I do it? Nope! It’ll probably be the only thing I do this weekend (until Sunday lunch when we need to leave the apartment). Stressing and getting angry at myself for not having started this process earlier. 😆

At least I have no one else to blame but me. So I keep postponing the inevitable, probably for no other reason than being a lazy butt. 🙈
I’ll keep you posted on the selling process and fingers crossed the bidding goes well. 🤞🏻

Laters babes!

Over and out 

onsdag 11 oktober 2017

A short one

Just dropping by to say hello. Another busy day at work, but today I did manage to squeeze in lunch. 😜
As I told you yesterday I would, I started my morning in the gym. With a run. No heavy lifting, as promised. But I wanted to, so badly! 😆

I’m sorry for the bad quality in this pic, but I think you get the point; a run with a view. When running in Canada on the treadmill at the hotel gym, I had a video playing of running in the mountains on the screen in front of me, making it feel
like I was actually the one running there. Very nice. Kind of missed that today. Looking out over the half empty parking lot just isn’t as exiting! 😆

Tomorrow mini me’s kindergarten is closed (teachers being away on some business planning thingy), so I’ll be working from home keeping her company (or rather she keeping me company while working). So hopefully tomorrow will be less stressful! Fingers crossed!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

tisdag 10 oktober 2017

Passing time

My day has been just as busy as I predicted it would be, I didn’t even have time for lunch. I know, that is not a good thing, and combined with me drinking buckets of coffee it’s a disaster waiting to happen. 😱 So when I got back home today I decided I would do nothing but relax. No household chores, no planning ahead or preparing for the showing of our apartment on Sunday, just a quiet evening with my little one. Not even cooking dinner, just enjoying a simple sandwich or two. As easy as it gets. Mini me loves sandwiches so to her this was a perfect dinner. I don’t really agree with her on that, but today I needed to keep it simple. 😋

But I was so worked up and high on caffeine so I had a hard time relaxing. Feeling more bored and uneasy about not doing anything. Probably so because I know tomorrow will be just as busy at work. But! After I put mini me to bed I lay down in a hot bubble bath forcing myself only to think about how to get my body and mind to relax. The warm water helped my muscles to let go of the tension and after a while my mind followed with. Just breathing and focusing on being present, right here, right now. Letting go of the day that has passed and ignoring what is to come tomorrow. 

So here I am now, relaxed and ready for sleep. I’ll start my busy day tomorrow by having a run on the treadmill at my gym. Keeping my promise to my PT about not working out this week (I know, technically running is working out too, but we’re in agreement that I could run). Looking forward to that. My muscles are still sore after Sunday’s PT session so it’ll be good to get them moving tomorrow. 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

måndag 9 oktober 2017

Forget, forgot, forgotten

I was so tired today that I totally forgot about a meeting I was supposed to attend. It totally slipped my mind. I sat at my desk working instead, not even feeling I was missing out on something. Embarrassing! Totally not like me! I’ll do better tomorrow! I promise. It won’t happen again. How the meeting went without me? According to the report I got, ok, but they needed me there. 🙈

Hopefully this jetlag is wearing off so that I’m back in my fullest capacity tomorrow at the latest. I’m not used to feeling this tired and it’s definitely clouding my judgement. 
I have a totally packed day, full with meeting from early morning to late afternoon, including two interviews, so I need to be at my best. But it’ll be fine, I’m sure of it. I’ll just put on a smile and make it happen! 👍🏻😃

How’s your day been? Done anything fun? Like attending planned meetings and feeling full of energy all day?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

söndag 8 oktober 2017


I knew I would be tired, turning back into Swedish time and rhythm, but this tired? It’s like going around not fully awake all day, and whenever I sit down I drift off. My eyes closes without me giving them permission to. Very annoying. 😜

I tried the coffee trick, but it didn’t really help. I tried staying on my feet, constantly moving around, but I got bored and stopped. So after a day of struggling to stay awake, I went to the gym to meet up with my PT for a workout session. 

And I think it did help, for the time being at least. But he was not impressed that I had worked out 11 times in 7 days, not including our extreme walking around in the city of Ottawa every day (one of the walks ended at about 20 kilometres). So now he’s banned me from the gym next week, demanding me to rest. I’ve agreed on not working out in the gym, but we agreed on me running instead. And I’m happy with that. My legs are still shaking from today’s PT session hours ago, so I see his point. 😝
Today I tried out dead lifts. I’ve never done that before, and I can see how that exercise will do wonder with my back pains when I master it correctly. It was fun, but hard. Lots to think about, details to perfect, so that I get the technique correct. And then he made me push 90 kilos in leg press. I’ve been doing 70 kilos at the gym when I’m on my own, but I guess I needed the challenge. And I did good! I have strong legs and butt, always have. It’s by far my favourite day in the gym, leg day! 

Now I’m off to bed though. Starting to feel wide awake, still on Canadian time, but I’ll force my self to sleep to get back in this time zone. 

I hope you had a great Sunday, friend.

Laters babes!

Over and out 

lördag 7 oktober 2017

Home sweet home

I’m home. After the last seminars at the TDWG conference I went on a shopping spree before going back to the hotel and getting ready for the long trip home. Couldn’t leave Ottawa without having bought 
Maple syrup could I! Or gifts to my loved ones (and myself). There’s this great mall at Rideau Street, Rideau centre shopping mall, where you find over 180 stores, including famous brands as Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co, J.Crew, Michael Kors, Victoria Secret, Pink, MAC, Apple store, Sephora, H&M, Zara, Ted Baker, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Disney Store, Ecco, Forever 21, GAP, Foot Locker, Guess, Jack & Jones, Massimo Dutti, Nespresso, Steve Madden, Sport Chek and Starbucks to name a few. If you’re visiting Ottawa and likes shopping you should really go there! I loved it! And they have a food court too so you won’t go hungry if you don’t want to. 

The sun was shining as we left the hotel and I couldn’t help but to feel a bit sad. This has truly been an amazing week. And I absolutely love Ottawa, such a great and beautiful city. I wish I had more time to explore it. 

On our walk from the hotel to the banquet at Canadian history museum on Thursday night. 

(Picture above and below borrowed from Wikipedia)

The dinner was served in the Grand Hall that was spectacular. Absolutely amazing. What a privilege to be attending such a fantastic event in this equally fantastic place.

And we were told this beautiful Indian story about how the sun, moon and star came to be that made me humble to the ways of the world in the old days. So many stories to be told in the different cultures around our globe that can teach us to be better people.

We were among the last ones leaving the festivities and I wish I had had more time to wander through the exhibits at the museum. It was truly spectacular! 

We walked back home to the hotel too, about half an hour by foot and the city was just as pretty at night.

Now I’m back home with my loved ones and how I’ve missed them. ❤️ Tears pouring down my cheeks when mini me threw herself around my neck at the airport. So much love in that moment. As always when being around/with her. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

I’ll try to recap my week tomorrow in preparations for work, but also to remember and acknowledge all the great connections, meetings, insights and experiences I’ve had on this trip.

But for now I’m off to bed. It’s been a very long night/day.

Laters babes!

Over and out 

fredag 6 oktober 2017


So sorry for not keeping up with my blog the last couple of days. It’s been really intense days (and nights) so I haven’t had time to keep up with the wiring. I’m just about to leave Ottawa after a great week learning a lot and meeting fascinating people! I’ll tell you all about my trip when I’m back home again. 

Hope you’ve missed me! I’ll do better from now on!
But first a 15 hour trip home, first stop Frankfurt.

Laters babes!

Over and out

tisdag 3 oktober 2017

All in

Woke up at five this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. So I did some work for an hour or so and then got ready to meet up with my colleagues in the gym.

Got those legs working again today! And I even made it happen twice! 

After a long day at the conference I went for a walk downtown looking for gifts for my loved ones. Found some things but didn’t buy them this time around. I’ll be back at that huge mall (I’ll tell you about it in another blog entry) another night to shop.
Anyways, when I got back home about two hours later I didn’t feel like staying in my room doing nothing. So I went down to the gym again. Second time today, that doesn’t happen often (don’t think it’s happened during the last 15-20 years)!

Went for a run on the treadmill and ended it with intervals. I love that stretchy feeling in your legs when you run as fast as you can! 👌🏻 Then ending it with ab exercises. Perfect! Made sure to stretch my legs properly after the workout today (both times), so they feel less stiff now. 

Although having pushed my body a bit hard today I’m still meeting up with my colleagues again tomorrow morning in the gym. Fourth day in a row, how am I going to make that work when I get back home on Saturday?! 😂

Now I’m off to bed!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

Ps! The conference is still great!