torsdag 17 augusti 2017

Dinner date

This will be a short entry because I really need to get into bed. I've been on a dinner date with three of my former colleagues in Stockholm and just got back home. It's more than two years since I started my new job and left these three guys behind (among others) and every time I meet up with them I'm struck by how much I miss working with them! They're so great, and besides being really nice and funny guys, they are true doers! Always working hard and getting things done! I'm not sure I've ever heard them complain about anything. 

I didn't take any pictures of them, so I won't post any pics from the dinner. We meet up at Mall of Scandinavia and had dinner at an Italian restaurant. Talking, laughing and remembering old colleagues and events. 

I hope we can meet up more often in the near future, but I guess our separate lives will make that hard.

Do you keep in touch and meet up with old colleagues?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

onsdag 16 augusti 2017


I had an appointment with my hairdresser after work today. I haven't been there since the week before Midsummer (end of June), so I really needed her to do her magic! And she did! 

Before picture!

I love going to my hairdresser after work. It's a great way of stressing down and forget about everything needing my attention! She's super nice and we share a lot of interests, like interior design and travels, so we always have things to talk about. And it's never weird if we end up staying quiet. Love that! I've changed quite a few hairdressers over the years just because of feeling uncomfortable as they seemed nervous about needing to find things to talk about because they didn't want the conversation to end. I'm not sure why, but I guess some people just don't like silence. I do. But I don't like forced conversations! 

Anyways, Medina (my hairdresser), listened in on my need of change and we decided on a new colour, not as light blonde (summer blonde) as I've had the last months, but not dark enough for me to feel less of a blonde. I've tried dark hair (brown, really dark brown) and I didn't like it. I was born blonde and I'll stay blonde as long as I can. 

My new hair colour! And I like it! Medina always gets it right. If you need a great hairdresser you should definitely try Medina! Send me a message if you want to get in contact with her! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

tisdag 15 augusti 2017

After work workout

I ended my workday with a gym workout before driving back home. I've been looking forward to it all day, and when I left work I was almost smiling with anticipation. My body needed the exercise, and it felt good to give it what it needed. But, and as you know there's almost always a "but", it was arm, back and shoulders day for me in the gym and I'm so, so weak in these muscle groups. Usually it's frustrating and I often end up feeling like a failure when leaving the gym after these workouts, but today it felt good! Really good! Still my weak muscle groups, for sure, but I can feel that I've gained some strength since I restarted my gym workouts, so this was a good day in the gym! 

The gym was a bit more crowded than what I've grown accustomed to on my early morning workouts, but not too much. I didn't have to wait to get access to any of the machines I wanted to use, or the treadmill for that matter, so no complaints. 

I had a hard time driving home though, as my arms was shaking so hard (out of exhaustion) when I needed to turn the wheel! 😂 Arm day always make my arms useless for a couple of hours afterwards. They're not shaking any more though, so I got myself into the shower to soap away all the sweat from the workout. And now I'm back on the couch in my pjs (no pic of that, and you would thank me if you knew how trashy my pj looks - it's just so amazingly cozy so I can't get rid of it). A few hours of reading and then off to bed!

Laters babes!

Over and out 

måndag 14 augusti 2017

Let the week begin

I've so much to look forward to this week! First day back at work after a total of six weeks of vacation (not counting the hours I've been working while on leave) and I'm truly happy to be back. Of course I'm going to miss sleeping in and being with my family all day long, but I love my job so going back is great fun too. And besides all that fun, and meeting all the great employees and colleagues, I'm also going on a dinner date with three of my former colleagues later this week. And I'm meeting up with my amazing mentor and friend on Friday and then he and I are going on another friends book release party on Friday afternoon. So looking forward to that! Friday is going to be amazing!

I think my jar with chocolate candy in my office has been more missed than me during this summer! It stood upside down, and very much empty on my desk today! So of course I went out to buy some chocolate to make everyone happy again! 😆

I tried a little more healthy alternative snack, a protein (peas) bar with chocolate and no added sugar. Dates, pea proteins, cashew nuts and chocolate. Have to admit it wasn't super tasty; being a bit dry, too sweet (to many dates perhaps) and I almost didn't taste the chocolate at all. I'm not sure I would have guessed it contained chocolate if I hadn't read it before eating. But I'm a chocolate nerd/addict, so I'm a bit picky.

But I made up for that lack of chocolate taste by eating some of my favourite when drinking tea this evening. 😆 I just have to work harder at the gym tomorrow...

Laters babes!

Over and out 

söndag 13 augusti 2017

Lazy Sunday fun

Hello friends,
I spent most of my Sunday being a lazy butt. Lying on the couch reading mostly. And enjoying my last day off from work until October (not counting weekends of course). 

But I did take care of all the berries I picked yesterday! And rhubarb! Baking crumble pies to stuff into the freezer!

Rhubarb with raspberries (2), rhubarb with strawberries (2), two with only rhubarb and one with just raspberries. Gluten free. 👌🏻

And I finished off the day with a run, chasing away all that laziness. 

And remember how I told you my other run this week didn't feel good, not finding my pace and breathing? Well today it work great! I felt strong and it felt much easier than last time. So happy about that! Makes it so much more fun to run with that feeling in the body! Tomorrow I'll be back at work but ending my work day quite early (15,30) as I'm taking mini me for her first riding lesson after the summer holidays and we're both looking forward to it! 

Now I'm off to bed though! Hope you all had a great Sunday! 

Laters babes!

Over and out 

lördag 12 augusti 2017

Tastes of summer

Today I went picking strawberries and raspberries with the family, and that includes my twin and her family. We always do this once a year, to fill the freezer with the red gold of summer. I guess we could start calling it a tradition by now as it's been a yearly event since mini me's first summer, five years back.

I would have thought it was too late to pick strawberries, but apparently not. We've had a cold summer here in Sweden so the berries have used a long time ripening making them very sweet. Even more than usual. 

The raspberries were just as sweet and I dare not tell you the amount I ate while picking, so good! And yes, it's allowed! 😜

So I'll be spending my night taking care of all this red gold! Making some jam, a few pies and just cleaning and putting a lot into bags and then into the freezer to eat/enjoy during the dark and cold winter ahead. 

What have you been doing this fine Saturday?

Laters babes!

Over and out 

fredag 11 augusti 2017

Here we go

Of course I forgot to save my snaps (from Snapchat) that I took yesterday, so almost all the pictures I promised to show you today from my visit at Kolmården wildlife park is gone. But, I'll show you some, that I took with my camera in the phone.

The park is about a 2,5 hour drive from here, so we left early to be there as they opened at 10. The girls ate some snacks in the car so they were in a good mood as we arrived. We had bought our tickets to the park online so we didn't have to stand in line at the entrance, a big plus with three eager girls wanting to start off the adventure. 

Mini me loves a very famous Swedish bear, called Bamse (books and movies), and he has his own world built inside the park for kids to enjoy. And besides from seeing the lynx on arrival, the first thing had to be a visit at Bamses world.

Can you see it?

There're a lot of different rides for the kids to enjoy, a theatre, candy store, restaurants and playgrounds for the whole family to enjoy, and of course they're all built just as you would see reading the books or watching the movies. 

You can visit Kolmården online here and read more about the world of Bamse. 

One of the most beautiful animals and a huge favourite with my nieces were these two snow leopards. They were sleeping but we were happy just to get a glimpse of them. I'm not sure why, but for the first time visiting the park we got to see all their animals (except from two), and I don't think that has ever happened before. Our theory discussing this in the car on the way home, was that it was because of the weather. It was the perfect temperature, not too warm and not too sunny. The animals seemed to be alert and curious or just busy enjoying life the best they could. 

For the first time I also agreed on going on the safari cable railway ride over the park. I'm terrified of heights so I did it knowing the risk of me having a breakdown was huge! But I did ok, in fact, I kind of liked it. It's a great way of seeing the park and all the animals with minimal distractions for the animals. And you get to listen to interesting and important information about them and their habitats as you pass silently above their heads.

Lunch time, for big and small.

The cable railway cars have room for up to 8 people, but we had one for ourselves (4).

One of our favourite parts of the day was watching the dolphin show. It doesn't matter that you've seen it before, they're just so fascinating animals and the show really makes you see how we humans affect their natural habitats and suggests how to help them and the environment for all animals in a dramatic way. Mini me was upset and wanted to leave when these serious facts were discussed, but she calmed down when I explained it to her and now she wants to save the environment by not using plastic and pick up garbage everywhere she goes. And she wants to be a dolphin trainer!

I also love the elephants and the rhinos (no pic of them unfortunately). I just wish they had bigger space! 😔

So, there you have it. Not as many pics that I had planned sharing with you, but please go to Kolmårdens website and read more about all the amazing animals and attractions. You're going to love it if you visit the park. We did, as we always do! ❤️

Laters babes!

Over and out 

torsdag 10 augusti 2017


I've had such a great day today, at Kolmården wildlife park. And I'm also totally exhausted so I'll make this a short blog entry and then I'll write you a long one tomorrow with lots of pictures. Ok? 

We went on a cable railway ride and although terrified of heights I did ok and actually enjoyed myself. And mini me too, as you can see, and she seems to be totally unbothered by the heights (thankfully)! It was a great way to see a lot of animals without disturbing them too much. I'll tell you more about that too in my next entry. 

Now I'm off to bed! Early one, yes, but I woke up at 4 this morning so I think I'm excused this time! Just not being a lazy butt! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out 

onsdag 9 augusti 2017

It is going to be wild

Tomorrow I'm taking my two nieces and mini me on a road trip to Kolmårdens Wildlife Park, about a three hour drive from where we live. I just put three exited girls to bed and I'm waking them again around six in the morning so we can have a slow breakfast before we head out.

It's been a rather slow day today, and except for ordinary household work I haven't really done much. But! I got an inquiry to be a keynote speaker at a conference this autumn, speaking about diversity in IT. I'm really flattered to have been asked, and I'll make a decision when I get more details about date and so on. But I think it could be fun, don't you?

Now I'm off to bed, with my mouldy looking legs. I guess you really can't see it in this picture (on purpose because it's really not a pretty sight), but all the beautiful colour I got on my legs from enjoying the Spanish sunshine is falling off. No matter how much I struggle to keep it on with moisturisers and body butters. It's just not meant to be. 😆

Tomorrow's blog entry will be a wild thing, or at least filled with pictures of wild animals! 😉

Laters babes!

Over and out 

tisdag 8 augusti 2017

Just not feeling it

I went on a run tonight, but even before I started I felt I wasn't really into it. It started off good, but somewhere on the road I lost that feeling in my legs that makes running easy. The flow! When every step feels coordinated with your breathing and the pace is just right. Not to slow or to fast, just perfect! I tried to find it again, but I just ended up running to fast and worked my body too hard so I had to stop and walk a bit to find my breathing again. 

But, I've had some really good runs this summer so I guess it was time for a "bad" one.

And besides, my body got the exercise needed and my legs are really tired (in a good way) so me being lazy on the couch the rest of the evening sounds like a perfect plan, don't you think?! 😜

Laters babes!

Over and out